Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Recently painted No14 NYW Generals Casimir, Portland, Overkirke and Wuttemburg

Four more command bases for my Nine Years War army. The first three photo's are of Prins Hendrik Casimir, Stadhouder van Nassau-Friesland, Groningegen en Drenthe.  Casimir was a cousin of William of Orange, third Field-Marshal in the Dutch Army in 1689, resigning in 1692. The figure raising his sword represents Casimir and is an Essex figure, while the other is a Donnington figure, both horses are Essex as per the last post.

The next two photo's represent Hans Willem Bentinck, the Earl of Portland, on the right and an aide. both are Essex Minis. Portland is in the uniform of the Dutch Gaard te Paard, his regiment. He was the lifelong friend, councillor and possible lover of William of Orange. He was the most important man at the Kings court being both 1st Gentleman of the Bedchamber and a privy Councillor.

Next we have two photo's of Henrik van Nassau-Ouwerkerk, later he anglised his name to Overkirke. He was William's second cousin and his Master of Horse. He was the illegitamate grandson of Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange.

Ferdinand Wilhelm, the Duke of Wuttemberg-Neustadt, was the commander of the Danish troops who served in Flanders. He fought at the Battle of Steenkerque in 1692. He was appointed the commander of the Garde te Voet after the Battle of Neerwinden as a succesor to Count Solms who was killed during the battle. The horse is an Essex figure, while the rider is my favourite figure from the Donnigton range, an officer in armour, as you see them in portraits of the time, although it's unlikly they wore the armour on the battlefield.


  1. To what sort of council would a Privy Councillor be privy, if he is a Gentleman of the Bedchamber?

    Always used to wonder and my illusions are all shattered--Frederick, Eugene, Bonnie Prince Charlie, now even Willem, what about Mary--surely not Augustus the Strong with his 365 children. Don't tell me Napoleon, too, not Napoleon...

  2. Some remarks, don't take them too seriously as a critique..

    Hendrik Casimir was a prince of the House of Nassau, and Stadhouder of the Provinces of Friesland and Groningen and the territory of Drenthe. Drenthe was considered too poor to be a real Province, but they had in fact to pay several regeiments as well.

    It's GARDE the paard!! I know in English it's a plural, but in dutch it's a singular! (Yes, I had to look it up as well haha).

    Herr Mekelnborg rightly places Willem in the ranks of great men like Frederick and Eugene, but I don't think that William was gay. And if he was I don't care either.

  3. Never mind the figures , wheres my wargames illustrated and chocolates you bastard.

    Had to lighten the mood after your information was blown apart by people who know what they're talking about.

  4. @Mekelnborg - Seems like everyone's at it, don't think we have too much to worry about Mr Bonaparte!!
    @Rampjar - I always thought it was Gardes, not quite sure why I spelt it that way, it was late when I wrote the post! I don't care either way either if he was or wasn't gay, it was just a little bit of extra info I found online.
    @ The Angry lurker - The chocs were lovely, LOL!!!!!!!

  5. Looks so cute and perfect.

  6. You can spell Wirtemberg any way you like in this period as it was not standardized as Wuerttemberg until 1812 officially, even by the family themselves.

    I would put William in those ranks, in the big picture wrestling down Louis XIV whatever it took, but it took a lot. Something had to be done and he was the one man who did it, even in putting the Duke of Marlborough up for phase two. But I suspect we're still paying back the bank for it, long after the benefit is forgotten by almost everyone--and some still remember the other prices all too well.

    For such an important war it's funny how little information there is about it without extreme digging. There are a lot more books here about the Salem Witch Trial of 1692.

    All this chocolate talk has got me to get some at the store; it's a Cadbury milk chocolate with Irish creme and it is pretty good. I never had one of those before.It's too rich to have the whole thing.

  7. Well, at least figures are painted here, when I look at the stands of 25mm dutch and french on my desk I still notice they are erm..unpainted haha...

    Hendrik Casimir of Nassau is the direct predecessor of our present Royalty. Wouter Troost wrote a great biograpy on William III, IIRc it's even translated in English.

  8. Interesting, I'll have to try and track that book down. I didn't know that Queen Beatrix was a descendant of Casimir???

  9. William III died childless, the Dutch regents didn't want a Stadhouder again, but they got stuck with the one in the North, who in the end became heriditary stadholder, and finally King William I of the Netherlands.

    Wouter Troost:

  10. I really like how you did these, the last one is the best :)

    And it is interesting to see they all have a story :)