Monday, 28 February 2011

Cavalier Tonbridge 2011

Myself and the usual cronies Fran, LINK, Postie and Richard drove down to Tonbridge to spend our hard earned pennies at Cavilier in Tonbridge, we made quite good time arriving in around 35 minutes from sunny Gravesend. There we met up with fellow blogger Big Lee, (who has beat me to the punch with his photo's of the show!) LINK.We all spent far too much money, I picked up a small pre-order of some extra command figures for the 15mm NYW project from Essex miniatures, a few paints, which I could actually see, for some miraculas reason the managment at the Angel Centre turned off the god awful yellow lights that used to blight the show, so for the first time in a couple of years I didn't get a headache after walking around for several hours straining my eyes to see!!   I also bought a copy of  Sharpe Practice, rules for large skimishes games, hopefully to use with my 15mm FIW figures. After the show we all headed for Fran's, for a Zombie game after sampling the delights of his fridge, his good lady indoors had made a large plate of cheese and ham rolls, which didn't last that long, but we forgot to eat the cake she made!! I sure Fran made up for our mistake, stuffing his face while watching the TV last night, although he will no doubt deny all knowledge of the said cake!. Anyway I took a few photo's of the show which are below, I also took some photo's of the Zombie game we played, I'll post them another day.
Sgts' Mess had my first purchase of ther day, a beacon fire, which I'll use to burn alive the redcoated English in the French Indian Wars

The Lance and Longbow Socity

Aaahhh!! BigLee & Fran

Three photo's of the great looking WWII game by Loughton Strike Force, Budapest 1945

The Battle of Grunwald by Crawley Wargames Club

A FIW skirmish game from the jolly good chaps from the Royal American 60th foot reinactment society, who hopefully will be sending me a copy of the rules.

A skirmish at Ngoway's Kraal Anglo-Zulu War 1879

The dreaded Bring and Buy. With each visit I recieved either a smack in the side of my head with a rucksack, the aroma of a smelly armpit or worse! but mainly the view of the back of someones head!! So with a gritting and grinding of my
of the teeth and lots of expletives, I gave up!!


  1. Good post and nice pictures. Thanks for the link above. I was a bit off-form with my pictures, taking a mear 150 at the show. I whittled them down to a usable 60 or so and these are on my blog Cavalier 2011.

    It was good to see the Rejects again, and I enjoyed the Zombie game that followed the show. All in all a great day out.

    I have to agree though about the B&B. It was three deep all the time I was there. And as for those annoying people with huge camera bags and rucksacks..... I can only apologise to anyone I knocked senseless. Particuarly the guy in the wheelchair and the 5 year old boy with the black eye.

  2. Nerdgasm!

    I am loving these pictures. Also, throw your dice in a n oven for 10 minutes with 1 anywhere but not up and you'll never roll one again :D

  3. Great stuff. I love reading/seeing shows & cons. Nice to see what everyone else in the world is doing. I'm sure you'll like the Sharp Practice rules - they are very flexible and could be used in various eras. I like them a lot and it's always on my backburner. Regards, Dean

  4. Nice pictures and great report !!! I'm slightly gutted as I live quite close but could'nt make it. It was the same thing last year, hopefully next time.

  5. Cool post!!

    I went here today!!!

    $upporting BRO!!

  6. Looks fun. I wish they had something like that near me.

  7. I have been going to Cavalier for a couple of decades. It is my favourite show. At least the road from Medwaytowns didn't flood this year!

  8. Hopefully you'll have a photo of the scamp who nicked our Jaffa cakes whilst queing for the B+B!

  9. I always like seeing photos of wargames shows. Good stuff Ray.



  10. Interesting blog. This looks really fun I have to admit.

  11. After seeing this and the post by The Angry Lurker earlier today I now REALLY want to go to one of those. Am I getting jelly?

  12. Ah this post has taken me back to lazy sundays in Aber Uni and the war game society...such a laugh

  13. Maybe the guy with the rucksack was just trying to secure his Jaffa cakes. There is some really good modelling work in these pics. I especially like the water effects in Budapest, and the odd collection of artillery in the 16th century one from the Lance and Longbows.

  14. Good report Ray and liked the look of that WW2 game