Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Edmund Howard at Flodden 1513

I had an email this week from a follower of my blog Eric Elder, he asked if I was going to post anymore flags for the Battle of Flodden. So I knocked this flag up today, (much to the Angry Lurkers delight), it's from an article in Military Modelling 1982 Manual. There are some other flags there that I've not seen before either so I'll be busy making them for a while. The magazine only cost £1.50 or $4.50 in the USA or Canada, doesn't that just make you sick??

"Edmund Howard had with him 1,000 Cheshire men, and 500 Lancashire men, and many gentlemen of Yorkshire on the right wing of the Lord Howard; and the Lord Chamberlain of Scotland with many Lords did set upon him, and the Cheshire and Lancashire men never abode stroke, and few of the gentlemen of Yorkshire abode, but fled...And the said Edmund Howard was thrice felled, and to his relief the Lord Dacres came with 1,500 men, and put to flight all the said Scots, and had about 8 score of his men slain. In which battle a great number of Scots were slain."

This quote came from the source below.

Amongst the State Papers in the Public Record Office is the dispatch Articles of the Bataill bitwix the Kings of Scottes and therle of Surrey in Brankstone Feld, the 9 day of September. A contemporay French translation of the dispatch claimed it to have been sent by the Admiral Lord Thomas Howard, who had joined the army commanded by his father, the Earl of Surrey, with reinforcments from the Fleet.


  1. The horse's feet look almost human, but they probably drew them like that back then.

  2. It's the tophat with a feather that really does it for me, oooo baby!