Friday, 1 July 2011

6mm Prussian Army for the Franco-Prussian War, Ebay Sale, Now Sold!

Some more blatant advertising once again, this is the second part of fellow Reject, Richard's 6mm Franco-Prussian army. Several people have asked what rules the armies are based for, we used to use a Warmaster variant that Richard found somewhere online and had some very good games, but alas the fine fellows have joined their French foe on Ebay for the measly sum of £35. So grab yourself a bargin and click this link!!

Here are the details for the Prussian Army

16 Line Infantry regts
6 Stands of Jagers
1 unit of Cheveuxlegers
3 units of Dragoons
3 units of Lancers
1 unit of Cuirassiers
24 stands of Artillery
22 Limbers
14 Command stands

in total 900 little blighters, again a mixture of Irregular and Heroics and Ros figures.


  1. Good luck on the sale, doesn't it hurt a bit to sell some stuff you obviously spend a lot of time working on? I guess if you don't use it, you might as well sell it to finance another project. Great looking army!

  2. Looks an impressive line up.

  3. I heard Richard is going to have one last game with the blighters on Saturday.

  4. Thanks for the comments lads and lasses!!
    @ Mekelnborg - Another reason for Richard selling the figures is that he's got them all again in 15mm, that's what the lads are playing with today, don't ask why he's got the period in two different scales??????

  5. Ha, I don't need to ask, I have the SYW in many scales including twice in the SAME scale, 6mm H and R and 6mm Adler because one is smaller than the other.

  6. wow they look fantastic, amazing!

  7. could create your own board game with a set like this!