Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Battle of Pisek 1809 Part 2

The Battle of Pisek, Part 2

Oh Goodie!!!!
A great start for part 2. The French roll and get MORE re-inforcements.   Things are not going our way,
the French receive 4 units of Heavy Cavalry!!! The 1st and 2nd Elite Carabiniers and the 3rd and 9th Cuirassiers, they were so pleased they both rushed to take a photo and gloat, then Postie joined in the fun as well!
So I snapped them back! Look at the smiles on them smug faces!
And here they are in all their splender!!
Just to top things off, look where they turned up!!! On our left flank!!! Just short of a charge move away from Surj's Horse artillery. There were a few quite a few expletives shouted and lots of laughter from the French. "I do believe their flank to be vulnerable" they chuckled.  Ha bloody ha!!!!
On our right, I moved a unit around the rough ground to hopefully charge the next turn and changed
formation from column to line behind the ensuing melee.
Well blow me down, Austrian Reinforcements.  The 1st and 2nd Cuirassiers
Now I feel a little better! more reinforcements, 4 Battalions of Grenadiers. Both reinforcements
the cavalry and Grenadiers had to be diced to see where they arrived. The Cavalry arrived behind the left side of my Division, not the best place, but they'll help. The Grenadiers arrived at the back of the hill on Surj's left flank, which was great news, they can be used to plug the flank against the French reinforcements.
The three melee's on the right flank was pretty inconclusive. In the centre we drew and will fight again next turn, on the
right and left  I pushed the Saxons back, with both sides taking heavy casualties.
On the right Surj, moved his Hungarians forward to attack and harass the retreating Elite Brigade,
who had failed a morale test after last turns melee and all had to move back 12 inches. His newly arrived Grenadiers moved to plug the gap on our flank.
After a very bad turn Mike decided he'd move his troops back and wait for his
Grenadiers to turn up, but there was no escape.
Gotcha!!!, as both sides charges are made simultaneously, I caught a Saxon unit in the flank
before both his units could charge mine, so only one unit got in, as they were already so close I couldn't fire and just had to take the charge. The Saxon unit on the left Van Niesemeuschel, failed to charge after receiving horrendous casualties 7 out of 7 dice hit there mark.  The yellow markers visible are disorder markers, the blue markers mean, the unit has captured an enemy colour, the black marker means the loss of a colour, the white mean the unit still has a first fire (a +1 to the firing dice) and the small dice are casualty markers
The Austrian right flank, Its looking very bad for the Saxons
The Austrian left flank, The French have made it up the hill, Surj' has turned his right flank , his
skirmishers are about to fire and take a casualty from the French artillery upon the opposite hill. We have effectively cut the French/Saxon centre in half.

Where have the Saxons gone???
After devastating fire, the Austrians destroy three Saxon units, 1st Van Neisemouschel,
1st Prinz Anton and the 2nd Prinz Clemons are all destroyed to the man. This forced the Saxons to take two brigade checks, if one failed it would bring on a Divisional check, if both failed the flank would collapse. Mike had to throw two D6 for each Brigade, needing a 6 or 7 to have any chance at all to survive. The first throw was an 8, $h!t!!!. He passed, but only just. Hands together and prey, The pressure is all on Mike now, next he throws a 7, arrghh!!!!!!,  he passed again jammy git, and only by one!!!!

And that was the end of the game. Postie added all the points up, the final score was Austrians 17-19 French/Saxon.
The French captured 5 colours, killed 4 Brigade Generals and destroyed 2 whole units.
The Austrians captured 3 colours, captured 1 artillery piece and destroyed 4 enemy units.
It was a very close game only 2 points in it, but that made a minor victory for the French/Saxon side.
The Winners - Fran & Mike
The losers - Ray & Surj, we was robbed!!

At the end of the game Postie presented Mike with his own trophy, and he is
now an Honorary  member of Posties Rejects. It seemed like Mike enjoyed his day out with Rejects, he was a little quite at first but was soon shouting and screaming like the rest of us!! Maybe he'll be back again one day for another bash. If any other readers ever fancy a game with The Rejects drop me or Fran an email and we'll see what we can do.
The trophy
The Rejects - Surj, Ray (me), Postie, Fran (he's not that tall, he's
standing on a step) and  Dutch Mike.


  1. A great trophy! And again, seems that you all had a great time in the shed!

  2. You lot seem to have a lot of fun. Wish a great big pond did not separate our respective gaming groups.

  3. Great report Ray, you really thought you had a chance did you? I will tell you in my post next week where the Saxons had gone. Something to do with early celebration...Thanks again to you guys for setting this up. Had a fantastic day and can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a fun day of gaming. And pass my regards to Postie, that trophy is awesome!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the day, it was great to meet you and I know it all the others would agree, your welcome back anytime, as long as you bring more pies that is!! All pass on the message to Postie.

  5. Definitely a great report. You and Angry make a great double act doing this as well. He focused more on the close-in action and you had the big picture. It's more interesting to get the different perspectives on the same event. It's not quite 3D, not quite stereo - maybe 'Rejectivision'?

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  16. No, we daren't do that!! The night before yes!

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    Question: How big is Postie's 'gaming shed'? I envy you folks in climates that don't require insulation in your structures!

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  21. Posties shed is 19x11 foot with a 14x6 foot table, its a typical English shed, hot in the summer and cold in the winter. We're all quite lucky he's got it! Especially me, as I live next door!

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    Posties shed sounds like the place to be for 15mm Wargaming.

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    1. They're a set based on General de Brigade written by Postie the gamesmaster.