Wednesday, 25 September 2013

It's Anne & Chris Pimpin' Time

Like…Yo, its that time of year again, two fellow bloggers want us to Pimp their Ride.
First up we have Anne's Giveaway

Now some have you may have noticed that Anne was a little miffed because yours truly
won the recent Giveaway over on Ian's blog?
I've been accused of using all kinds of cunning trickery in winning Ian's brushes including
Voodoo, Devil Worship and Human Sacrifice!!

So to win's Anne's prizes I'll have to use all my wicked powers, but I'm not sure they'll be enough???

Anne's giving away some really great and generous prizes and but you haven't got long because the prize draw is on the 1st October.
Anne's Givaway is part sponsored by Sci-Fi author Patrick Hatt, you can find his Amazon Writers page 

The second Giveaway is over at Chris’s blog Wargamer’s Odds and Ends
He’s recently hit some large Milestones and wanted to share the love!
I’ve got my eye on the 25mm Sharp and Patrick Harper figure and his scenario book!
So get on over to Chris’ blog and sign up
You’ve got until his Birthday the 7th October!!!

Finally like I’ve already mentioned I seem to have won myself some rather delightful
 looking posh paint brushes from that very kind fellow over at A Blog with No Name, Ian.
So on behalf of myself and all the other bloggers who also
took delight in me winning them I’d like to say
Thank You

PS The cheque’s in the post…….


  1. Like...Yo hahahahaha. I hope you'se not wearin' yo britches ridin' low down yo behind brutha whiles you talkin' that smack. 'Cause that ain't summin; a sistah want ta be seein'.

    So ummm, I'm guessing you've been reading the comments huh? You have to admit, it's uncanny, this ability of yours. So you're now off to Chris's to work your unholy magic there too?

    Thanks for the pimpage Rousell!!!

    1. Not really sure what you were saying, I'z not from da hood!

  2. Nothing made this post MORE worth it than to read Anne's rapping skills. You've given us a gift.

    1. Sorry about that D4, it will stay with me for the rest of my life!!

  3. Grats on the Brush win. A painter seldom has enough brushes! yet we all seem to have our very own favourite brush for a short while.

    1. And what a bugger it is when you just can't use it anymore.

  4. Yo Ray,

    nice pimping post, man!
    Congrats for the brushes. I hope they'll proove as useful as they look. Let us see some results. :-)


    1. They do look very useful, I'm sure I'll do my best to wear them out in no time at all.

  5. Great post Ray!! Some very funny pics here

    1. Well they made me laugh apart from one that is?????

  6. Bitchin' post as per (as da kids say - probably) Congrats on winning the brushes, I was sure they had my name on them.


  7. I reallly like these pictures Ray, nice post!

  8. "may the bristles of your brushes fall out and make your skin itch like a thousand camel fleas"

    Congrats on the win! :)

  9. The Star Wars pimp images are so funny! I wonder how many Darth Vader and Yoda quotes could be twisted into pimp quotes.

  10. Blog-pimp/whore Ray strikes again !

  11. Annzie is being pimped big time around the blogosphere!

  12. The brushes are a very nice win... and you are now the envy of the bloggosphere. Not a claim you were ever able to make until now!

  13. It hurts but congrats on the win of the brushes! I also saw you joined in with all the give aways you mention in this post! Why should we join then? :-D
    PS: the boobies from the girl on the right aren't pimped!

    Great post Ray!