Monday, 17 September 2018

Skirmish Sept 2018

A quick trip up the A2 on Sunday morning and me and Postie found ourselves at Skirmish Wargames and Toy Soldier Show, run by Craig at Redcoat Models.
We met fellow Reject BigLee in the foyer along with fellow blogger Dave Crook from A Wargaming Odyssey We've invited Dave along to Reject HQ for a bash, no dates are set yet, but we'll look forward to his visit.

In the pic above
BigLee, Greg from Art of War and von Postie
after a purchase from the 3 of us!

Bring & Buy
Not a great deal there for me.....never mind!!

Medway Wargames - A Song of Fire and Ice - A GoT Game 28mm

Rainham Wargames Club - Napoleonics
Clint's Fav period, he's so loves playing Nappies!

Clint and Postie both see cake.
Postie is a tad more excited.....can you tell?

The Old Guard - 28mm Fantasy - Dragon Rampant

Painters at work.

Sons of Mars-Gladiators?

Tunbridge Wargames Club - El Cid

Mr Miniature Wargames John Treadaway snapping some pics.

Gravesend Gamers Guild

Milton Hundred - Team Yankee

Dave and Steve chat to an unsuspecting victim.

The Priviteers of London - Attack on Sedd-el-Bahr 1915

Man love

Bellies R Us

Skirmish Wargames - The ZaianWar 1914-1921 - The Battle of Sidi Kup

Maidstone Wargames - 28mm WWI - 22 August 1914

Al from Wargames Shed show off his figures and terrain.

Redcoat Models

Postie doing the deed with Col Bill.

Debris of War

What a spectacular pose Scott!

My Loot
2 Packs of Pack Mules
2 packs of small Bell Tents
17th Century Soldiers Farewell
a Scildweall T-shirt from Greg Art of War.

Big Lee did a great write up last week about the adventures of Greg at Art of War, so I thought I'd 
add a few links too after buying my first T-shirt from Greg. I was gonna go for the Ego Sum Spartacus, but Lee had the last XXL!!!
So If you haven't already go and like the Art of War Facebook page.
or go straight to the online shop, here. for your Scildweall shirt!!!


  1. Thanks Ray, enjoyed the pictures, those tables with swing out seats are a boss idea. Postie's cake moment had me in bulk.

  2. Miss that show, I thought that you in the first picture with the boys!

  3. Nice event with great looking tables.

  4. Looks awesome, Ray. I must try and revisit that one. Not ideal being Colours weekend though tbh.

    1. Your right, it possibly does suffer for that.

  5. Not bad if that's all you came away with - bet it was kid in a candy store for some!

  6. Nice looking show thanks for the pics!


  7. Yes you are correct Naps are one of my LEAST favourite periods. I will play it but I do not enjoy it. Bit like you and Fantasy.... except you will not even play fantasy!

  8. Good choice in tshirt that was my first as well after lee's review... then Saturday I bought my second (Raven banner).. Spartacus next I think..

    1. I was going for the Raven banner, but he didn't have it in fat boy size!

  9. Nice pile of photos, thanks for posting them!
    Best Iain

  10. Very comprehensive phot-shoot of the show, but Posite seems to have photo-bombed himself into far too many shots imo.

  11. Good to see the Rejects out and about.

  12. A most entertaining report, and informative: I'm now forewarned that I should be on guard should I find myself in the vicinity of any cake at a UK wargames show!

  13. It must be difficult to live such a day with so many beautiful tables, I would have wanted to play everywhere, especially El Cid and The Battle of Sidi Kup...Gorgeous!

  14. cheers Ray! your captions are always good for a smile or two ;-)

  15. Cheers for the pic. Nice report.

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  17. That ‘all day I dream about sixes’ shirt is rather fetching Ray! Looks like a great day.

  18. Fine looking gathering; fun looking games and vendor displays!

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