Wednesday, 6 February 2019

AHPC9 Donnybrook - 25mm Jacobite Artillery

Firstly, thank you to all you lovely lot out there who voted me into second place in the 
"Sport" bonus round. I had a lot of fun creating the figures and have been asked what rules I plan to use to play Lacrosse with them. I don't know how to play Lacrosse, never mind make rules up for them!!!

Another week has passed and I've been very busy with the brush!

I've stayed with the Jacobite Highlanders again this week, but have gone for
the simpler form of artillery.

All the Highlander figures are like the Horse in my last post from Reiver Castings, while 
the artillery are from Parkfield Miniatures and Wargames Foundry.

There are 7 x artillerymen

And 2 guns

Also there are a few packs of Trade Goods from Crooked Dice
that can be used as hastily built barricades. 

7 x 25mm  35 points
2 x artillery 15 points??? (Should be 10 points each, but one's a tiddler?)
5 x various trade goods ?????

Lee was very generous and gave me 70 points in total!!!
Which along with another group of figures pushed me up to 7th place.
My highest placing in around 4 years!!!


  1. Seventh place - keep on painting, man!

  2. I will be doing just that Alex, Cheers!!

  3. Barricades + artillery = splendid work!

  4. Lovely additions Ray, this is looking like a good challenge for you, keep going Sir!

  5. Looks great and your production level is excellent!


  6. You’re really producing a lot of painted figures for sure. Good job and keep up the momentum. 😀

  7. They look like they are fit for purpose, a job well done I'd say.

  8. Nice work all around, Ray. I really like those terrain pieces.

  9. Replies
    1. They're pretty cool and can be used for so many periods.