Monday, 4 February 2019

WWI Batrep - The Battle of Guise 1914

Four Rejects got together for a WWI battle last Sunday, using Posties 6mm figures.
It was a very tense affair the whole way through, infact it was one of those games were it
didn't seem to matter who won.
Postie reffed the game I played the French, Richard and Surj were the Germans.

The Battle of Guise 29th August 1914

This is Posties interpretation of a small part of the battle using regiments that were either
 there or close by.

To win the game Postie informed us, certain strategic landmarks of the battlefield were worth points. At the end of the game. the points would be added up and the winner declared. It didn't matter about losses, only the landmarks.......


2nd Army - Gen von Bulow
7th Corp - Gen von Einem
13th Inf Division - Gen Lt von Dem Borne
25th Brigade IR 13, IR 158, 3 Battalions of each
26th Brigade IR 15, IR55 3, Battalions of each

14th Inf Division - Gen Lt Fleck
79th Brigade IR 56, IR57 3, Battalions of each

5th Army Gen Lannezac
18th Corps - -Gen de Maud'huy
35th Inf Division - Gen Marjoulet
69th Brigade 6 RI, 123 RI, 3 Battalions of each
36th Infantry Division - Gen Jovannic
71st Brigade 34 RI, 49 RI, 3 Battalions of each
72nd Brigade 12 RI, 18 RI, 3 Battalions of each

Postie had already pre set all the troops
This is my right of the field. Well there's big points in the town for sure, but who's 
gonna get there first??

Middle right
I already own the town on the left, that's gotta be worth points, as does the big hill
in front of the town, that could be a problem for both sides. The little farm building must be worth something too?

Middle left
Hmm? Not many points here...I think?
Perhaps the building on the German lines,  but its that hill again dominating the area

The left
Now there's a few points here?
Two bridges and 2 building complexes.......

The whole table

The Villains of the piece
Surj, Postie and Richard

First turn was a mad scramble to the town. I won first turn, so I moved and fired first.

Another mad scramble for the farm complex, but Richard held back his line
 on the far road? Hmm? What are they up to???

Mad rush for the hill. I'm outnumbered here and its very open ground, 
ripe territory for machine guns!!

My artillery was battering the poor Germans.

Looks like we'll both get one building each.
Each small building can hold either 1 Company of infantry (1 stand) or 1 Machine gun.
The larger buildings can hold one of each.

Next turn, Looks like the church will be mine as well as the building this side of the road and 
Richard will get the other side.

Richard still didn't move in the left centre, I moved up to the farm house.

I got on the hill first, But could I hold it?

I'm in! With a stand of infantry.

First casualties of the day go to the Germans and I threw a 10 to fire on a D10,
which results in a courage test for the Germans, see the red marker.

Bloody hell, its pretty bloody on top of the hill. Richard targets me with his artillery.

Well I've gained the ground, but Richard isn't budging from the road.

I get some re-enforcments!!!
They got another artillery piece I get a wagon and tent!!!

Its a pretty bloody affair. My two infantry to the front are being battered by Richard's artillery

Next turn and we're all in. This is going to be a mighty stand off

Richard's still refusing to move his side forward. I'm happy to stay my side too.

I fell back off the hill and moved back giving ground, hoping to entice Surj 
forward, which he did.

Casualties are popping up everywhere. I'm trying to get round the flank to take the 
building on Surj's side. While he's now pushing for the hill.

I get my commander too close to my infantry. He has to test for casualties. Luckily I threw well!

Surj moved back to form a line to get maximum fire to the hill, so I moved my troops back off.

Back down on the right, both sides still hold their end of the town.

Not sure who's gonna break first?

The whole table.

I finally knock Surj out of the building on the left and move in myself, hopefully
I'll gain a point or two for my endevours?

Richard's had enough!
He charges the infantry on the left, the Church and the building in the middle.
From previous games we both new it'd be hard, BUT we both forgot the change for defenders
dice roll. Richard needed 8's and up on a D10, were I only needed 6's.

The inevitable happened. Richard was pushed back from all three melee's

Then to make matters worse, one of the units fails its courage test and moves back another 4 inches.

I'd been slowly moving troops over to the hill, from the right, then made the move over as close as I 
could the Germans in the woods. As they were closer than 4 inches, if they targeted my troops
with artillery then some casualties may go to the Germans instead of me.

Surj looked week in the open ground now, so I pushed forward to support the attack on the hill.

Moving the 2/18th RI and the 1/18th RI back up the hill actually turned out to be 
the winning move.
Postie ended the game  prompt at 4.30, as he had planned all along.

He added the points up from the map above giving the French an 10-8 point victory.
If I hadn't moved back onto the hill and gained an extra 3 points the Germans would have won 8-7!!
And most of the building we fought over didn't even count as points either!!
He's a sneaky bugger that Postie!

What a great game, all three of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, Posties WWI rules
are really good, they work very well and make you play to the period
Well done evil one!!!


  1. Quite a thrilling game. My big table games have gone, for now. Looks marvellous.

  2. Cracking batrep Ray, the memories........

    1. So when you coming over for a game or 2 then?

  3. That's a clever way to set up the game. Although frustrating trying to get something that's not worth anything in the end. That was sneaky!

  4. As Fran says, “cracking report”! Looks like a fun and challenging match. Good setup by Postie!

  5. Lovely job, nice to see 6mm get so much space.

    1. Yeh, it was a very open game, in more ways than one!

  6. That looked brilliant Ray! A great write up too which has now got my mind working overtime with ideas. I never seriously considered the 1914 battles before but I can really see the scope in 6mm and the possibilities it presents. Thank you a great battle report! :-)

  7. It was great looking at the whole table, but then just concentrating on a few units here and there, each with their own little battle. Very WWI!

    1. Yep. There were really 4 battles going on at the same time.

  8. It was an excellent game, well fought by all involved. Good report Ray. Postie really ought to publish these rules.

    1. Too right he should, Ricardo. We may have to take a group lead on this one.

  9. Long live " extra 3 points", great looking game, and glad to see a French victory...Close result but victory anyway!

    1. So glad I moved the troops back up the hill.

  10. Excellent report--fun to follow along (and well done on the victory). Early WWI is an under represented field in gaming, but I always thought was worth exploring more: Franco Prussian on steroids.

    1. Indeed, Good artillery, Machine guns and cavalry! A recipe for disaster!

  11. Very cool scenario. I’ve always wanted to game WWI and posts like this only increase the desire.
    Making the landmarks matter and not the losses seems very WWI. 😀

    1. The scenario worked really well with Posties excellent rules.

  12. What a great looing gam and it did sound like there was a lot of toing anf froing throughout.
    Must have been a good game to play in and for once it seems Von Postie didn't stitch you up!

    1. He probably did try his usual Joe, but it didn't work this time.

  13. That's a great looking game Ray.

  14. Terrific piece, that home made table takes me back a few years.

    1. Most of the terrain we use is the reusable kind.

  15. were the battle damages paid in beer?

  16. Looks like I missed a great game.

    1. You did you fool. How was Romford market?? Haha!

  17. This looks great. Thanks for sharing!