Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Salute 2019 - The Rejects on Tour

What a great day was had by all of Posties Rejects.
But I've gotta admit I'm paying for the Marathon session I walked all day Saturday. My knees and back are killing me......but its well worth the pain!!!
Luckily for us Reject HQ is only a 40 odd minute drive away. Postie, Dave and myself met Essex boy BigLee there and we were in at 8.15, courtesy of  some Press Passes from organiser Matt Still.
Cheers Matt!!
Its taken me an age to sort out all the photos I took, I really wish clubs would have info on or near their tables to say who they are and what the game is, it makes it so much easier!!
Its a very long post so get the sarnies ready.

We normally get a selfie as we enter, as we did we were joined by Mr Panzerkuput Pete Barfield

First stop was Warbases to collect an order, Postie got in on the photo

Next stop was Col Bills
They do love to pose for piccies!!

As does Barry Hilton at the Warfare minis stand.
Barry's looking very pleased with himself!

Another selfie. Least said about this one the better!!!

At 9.55 myself and Lee went down to check on the horde of customers, we had to make a quick exit for fear of being trampled!!
There were a number of tremendous looking games, I'll post the pics of those first

Dalauppror - Battle of Danholm 1807 - Stralsund - Swedish Pomerania
Michael Leck and Gang's brilliant Napoleonic game. France v Sweden 
The French attack on a fort just outside of Stralsund.
Winner of the Rober Bothwell Memorial Award. 

The British are seen skulking away abandoning the Swedes to their fate.
Sounds familiar doesn't it???

Charles Singleton showing off his new book from Helion & Co "Charles XI's War. The Scanian War between Sweden and Denmark 1675-79. I resisted the temptation but know it'll end up in my collection before too long.......

Crewe & Nantwich Wargames Club - The Horror of Aughrim 1691
What's not to love about this game, its great to see a game from my favourite period to paint and collect. Hats off to the Crewe and Nantwich boys!!!

Rob chatting away at the Reiver Casting/ Northumbrian Painting Service stand
I didn't actually get a chance to have a chat, every time I came back to the stand Rob was busy.

Another brilliant game...

Andy from Friends of General Haig blog

We bumped into 2 well dodgy blokes from Milton Hundred Wargames Club
Alan & Mark

Simon Miller - To the Strongest - Boudicca v  Romans
Mancetter 61 CE

You can never miss Simon and his Hawaiian shirt!

Warlord - Black Seas

Warlord - Cruel Seas


Crawley Wargames Club - Aztecs v Conquistadors

Forth Quarter Miniatures - American Football game

Abbeywood Irregulars - Mission Command Normandy



Gentleman's Wargame Parlour - VBCW -Things to Come

Tin Soldiers of Antwerp - 1830 Belgian Revolution

More pics from Dalauppror Swedish game

Micheal Leck discussing the rules

Royal Air Force Wargaming - Stargate


Warbases - All for One
Three Musketeers 

Sidney Roundwood getting in on the action.

Gripping Beast demo games

South London Warlords - The Pilum or Pike

Wargame Association Reading - Mammoth Hunt



Graham from Crann Tara Miniatures with not a banner in sight.

Wargamer Games Studio - Anno Domini 1666 board game

George Moraitis & John Kersey - Battle of the River Dan 320 BCE

Ardhammer - The Second Sino-Japanese War 1937

Whitchall Warlords - The Panthers Claw - Helmand Province, Afghanistan 2009

Battle of Little Big Horn

Wargamer Poland - Ottoman v Tsardom of Muscovy

Warlords - Moonbase

South London Warlords - The Pilum or Pike

Society of Ancients - Battle of Harzhon 235AD

Newbury & Reading Wargaming Society - Battle of Heraclea 275BC

Arab-Israeli War 

Back to the Future


Pendraken - Blitzkreig Commander v4



Warlords - Stingray

Wigmore Warriors - France 1944



Gravesend Gamers Guild - Skirmish at Staplethorpe

Dispatch war rocket Ajax....to bring back his body!!

For those of you who know me, I don't do Fantasy but I absolutely loved this!!!
Flash Gordon with Lego!!
Jersey Privateers Wargames Club

The Old Guard - Command & Colours Napoleonic game

Plastic Soldier Company - Red Alert

Paper Soldiers

Iain McDoanld and Dave Imrie
Street Wars

Street Wars

A selection of the new Flags of War '45 Jacobite Rebellion figures


Great Escape Games - Seven Days in the River Rhine


Peterborough Wargames Club - Bloody Omaha

Loughton Strike Force - General d'Armee - The Battle of Ligny 1815

Spirit of the Game - a 40mm Wild West skirmish game "Blaze of Glory"

TooFatLardies - Malaya 1942

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Club - 1940 Dogfight over Kent

Art of War

Lance & Longbow Society - The Battle of Bauge 1421

Rafael Fonseca & Friends - A Seven Years War 'what if' battle. 

Continental Wars Society - The Battle of Pastrengo 1848


Maidstone Wargames - Dogfight 69, The 100 hours war - The last dogfight between WWII aircraft during the war between El-Salvadore and Honduras.

40K - Some worlds are better left alone


Gringo 40's - The Black River Debacle

Carnage City Chronicles 



Grubs up!!!

Hornchurch Wargames Club - WWII Demo game



The Battle of Mohi 1241 - Terrain and Figures by Kallistra

There's them two dodgy blokes again, not sure what Mark's doing with his hands?
 they certainly weren't discussing little lead men!!!


  1. Stunning AAR Ray, so many great pictures, thank you very much :)

  2. Great report! Thanks, Ray 8)

  3. Great pictures Ray, a pity about Lee's tongue in your ear, my finger is now killing me!

  4. Awesome amount of pics. Great day.

  5. So much delightful eye candy here, Ray. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great review - best I’ve seen

  7. if a picture is a 1000 words you've written, by my calculations, a lot of words

    1. Tell me about it, this was less than half of the pics I took as well!!!

  8. Wow - great photo report, Ray! There were so many great games there, and good to see the pictures, especially of the ones I missed completely. Thanks for the photo and mention; fame at last :-)

    I was really chuffed to meet you in person, after following your blog, and it was great to have a chat.

  9. Good to see the show report. Many games there that are of interest.
    I don't Know I this helps but ???9 |I suspect is "Gaslands" if that helps. Probably too little too late.

  10. Spectacular and splendid tables lucky men, thanks for sharing with us!

  11. Great photo report.
    Thanks for sharing.


  12. Great set of photo's mate, you got a few tables that I somehow missed. I know what you mean about the absence of labelling or signage on tables making it hard to identify games...especially in a huge event like this. I try to work my way systematically around the hall so I can usually work out what the table is by referencing the Map and my photo's of the tables either side (a painstaking and long-winded process!).

    Worth the wait. Well done old chap!

    1. I usually do that but this time I seem to have zigzagged a bit??? Would be helpful with labels and such though!

  13. Well done Ray and thank you for sharing!


  14. These are looking great. Many many interesting games and subjects like Harzhorn - wow! Many thanks!

  15. Thanks for sharing this. I read the report with my breakfast sarnie: spot on, finished both at about the same time! This 17th Century enthusiat's heart was warmed to see Aughrim, Lutzen, and "One for All" under the same roof at this major show. Clearly, the hobby is moving in the right direction :), although my heart also went out to the fellow with the American Football game (I hope he had some company at some point). Always good to keep an eye on...er, I mean...follow the doings of Postie and Company.

    1. There were quite a few great games, right up my alley. Its always nice to see a Grand Alliance game too.

  16. Great photos, saw you and Big Lee on the Victrix facebook feed and thought 'Blimey the Rejects have got in early'. It all makes sense now.

    1. My knees were already killing me at that point!!

  17. Super show photos, Ray! Did you pick a favorite? The Aughrim and Lutzen games look superb to me.

  18. Terrific photos - shows me how many games I missed! I had assumed the Little Big Horn game was a no-show.

    1. The photos didn't come out well for that game.

  19. Lovely pics. Just to note the Stingray game was by the Naval Wargames Society rather than the Warlords :)

  20. There should be a post-Salute prize for most pictures posted. Perhaps Tamsin won this time but it must be a close run thing. I'm dizzy after looking at all those.

    1. She always wins Pete. We have to let her or she moans.

  21. Great photos Ray, it was the first time in years that i didn't go so it's great to see all the games covered on your blog.

  22. A lot of interesting games there and really good photos. One of which reminds me that I have an Aztec pyramid under the bed.

  23. It was a grand day. I'll be back for next year

  24. Fantastic! Thank You for a photos!
    My newborn will be older and I will definitely come next year;)

  25. Great to see some pics of tables and games that I hadn't seen much of on other blogs- thank you for another great post.

  26. OMG Ray, are you sure you gave us enough pics? :PPP Looks like a dangerous fellowship indeed!

  27. merci ray pour la balade !!

    une version diaporama pour les photos serait bien !

  28. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  29. WOW! Great photo journal, Ray. Thanks.

  30. Great photos Ray of some amazing looking games!

  31. Some great looking games Ray - one of the things I miss from the UK (even though I left in 1988!) - we have nothing like this type of show in NZ!

    1. Next trip back to the UK you'll have to tie it in with a big show, just don't tell the Mrs though.

  32. Thank you for a wonderful selection of excellent photo's.
    Keep up the good work from you inspiring wargaming blog.

    Happy gaming,
    Will Harley.

  33. Goodness! So many AMAZING-looking games! Thanks for sharing these, Ray!

  34. Phew, that's some great looking games - lots of eye candy.
    thanks for the photos.