Monday 13 November 2023

Warfare Wargames Show, Farnborough 2023

On Sunday four Rejects set out on another adventure, this time we drove south west down to Farnborough for our fist visit to Warfare in 4 years (no nose bleeds needed as we drove south). 
This was also our first visit to Warfare's new home and I gotta say we all loved it!!

I did get some negative Anonymous comments on my previous post about the show, but can't agree with anything the/he said??? One such comment was, he thought it bad taste holding a show on the Remembrance weekend. I have to say it made me immensely proud when at 11 o'clock the whole massive area was in complete silence, it made the hairs on my arms stand up. So thank you to the organizers who did a grand job, not only on the minutes silence, but the whole event.
The Rejects will be retuning!
Not sure whether that will put people off or not???

Onto the games

Parkfield Miniatures - 28mm Vietnam

Helping play the very neat looking game was Rob from Reiver Castings.

Society of Ancients - Battle of Cunaxa
These guys always put on a simple but great looking game.

Bumped into fellow Challenger & Blogger Paul OG.
Well not really bumped, we knew each other would be there so kept an eye out for each other.

Thanks to the 2 chaps who said hello, one guy was pleased that we made it, we were a little worried as Lee was driving!! Apologies to the other chap, just as he said hello, Paul came up and spoke to me, so the guy went on his merry way, I wasn't ignoring you, so please don't think I was being rude.

Ardhammer Group - Bread and Beef ! the Battle of Domstadtl – 30th June 1758
30mm Flats
Flat's aren't my thing, but this game was a sight to see, one of my favourites from the show.

Huntingdon and District Wargames Society - 28mm ‘Early days ‘ first Bull Run ACW 

Anschluss Wargames - Operation Barbarossa June 1941

Combined Ops - Battle of Isandlwana 
Anglo-Zulu War
Another great looking game, most of the photos I took, including all the close ups were unusable.

The Three Musketeers - Battle of Ulundi 
Anglo-Zulu War

Zulu's seem to be the in thing at the moment??

Hobgoblin – Fantasy massed battle; A Billion Suns – Deep space fleet battles – Gaslands – Post Apocalyptic car racing a variety of games run by Planet Smasher Games Unreasonably Fun Tabletop Games

 Prince Rupert’s Regiment of Sealed Knot - A World Turned Upside Down
28mm ECW

Love the look of this game, all those lovely looking buildings.

Shepway Wargames - Dornier Down
1940 Operation Sealion

The Shepway lads, know how to put on a great looking game.

Steven Deeprose - Breakthrough to Leipzig
15mm Napoleonic 1813

Newbury & Reading Wargames Society - Swords of Samurai

The award for most colourful game has to go to these guys.

Crawley Wargames Club - Battles for India. Dehli 1803

Or was this feast of colour for the eyes the most colourful?

Mortiem et Gloriam - Battle of Hydaspes

Deal Wargames Association - A Crown of Thornes
Palestine 1938

Guilford Wargames Club - A Ridge too Far
Operation Sealion 1940
Another of my favourites from the show the game was very long and thin, which as you well know is pretty different.

A selection of Competition Games

Met up with fellow blogger Simon aka Blaxkleric from

Father & Son - Team Warbases
Martin & Glenn

Scattered Gamer of Farnborough - Thai Cambodia border war 2007

Table Top Battles - The Battle of Downham Station. Norfolk England. 1871.

The Werelords - Space 1889, Coudships of Mars revisited.

Wargame Association of Reading - Mig Alley Aerial Combat - Korean War 

Malvern Old Wargamers - German Peasants War 1524-25

Tiger Miniatures - Qing Vs Burmese

Tiger Miniatures? Why have I never heard about you guys before? A fab range of figures.

Saga - ?

Iron Gate Scenery
I do love me a bit of Iron Gate!

Team Reject

Paul joined us for lunch and we all chatted for around 45 minutes. T'was a please Commadore!

Ans there you have it, our last show of the year, thank gawd for that, I can't afford to go to another.

I'll post up some pics of my loot soon, I didn't realise I spent so much?


  1. Looks like a great time was had!

  2. The show looks great Ray and I must put that one on my list for next year.

  3. So many great looking games, Ray! Thank you for the photo tour.

  4. Thank you for sharing and for all the wargaming eye candy.


  5. Great to bump into you and the other rejects Ray. Looking forward to seeing your loot - I thought there was tons of good stuff to grab, and encouragingly, a number of promising new companies showing off their wares. Luckily, I'd already cleared my show budget before seeing a lot of them - otherwise I'm sure I'd be diving into another genre/project I never knew I needed. LOL!!!

    1. We all had a great day out and surprisingly for a show in tbe South, there were quite a few traders I'd either never seen or haven't seen for ages.

  6. Thanks for sharing all the photos Ray. Looks a decent enough venue, to me - from a show goers perspective. And I apologies for my Anonymous contributions over the weekend. Sorry.

  7. Some good looking games, seems to have been a great show

  8. I always enjoy your photo roundups. Very inspiring as usual.

  9. Thanks for all of the pics, thoroughly enjoyed browsing and will return - nice to end the year with a big show.

    1. It was Norm. My wallet took a battering though!

  10. Thanks for the detailed write-up, Ray. I knew someone would save me the need to take dozens of photos. I was the other bloke who said hello, you were not rude at all, just my timing was off.

    1. Thanks Dave, perhaps next time we can have a proper chat?

  11. Good to hear you all had a great time at the con, Ray. For the record, our big annual historical gaming convention here in the Pacific NW is held over Memorial Day (US) weekend. It's always been well-attended, even by our Canadian brethren. In fact, one year one of the Canadians played his bagpipes along with a color guard during the opening ceremony in honor of the holiday.

    1. Sounds brilliant Dean. I have to admit it was a moving experience.

  12. Impressive layouts. I like the one with the large plane.
    That they took a minute to honor Remembrance Day speaks volumes.

  13. Looks good Ray. Given the fundamental basis of what we are all doing, I think it was only fitting they should mark armistice day, but I don't think there is anything off colour about having the show on that day.
    I love all the games that include a significant number of buildings, as all the scenery looks wonderful - the ECW game you mentioned but also the two Seelowe ones, and the Indian game with the enormous minaret as a centerpiece - fantastic eye candy!

  14. Thanks for taking the time to show so many of the games Ray:). The venue certainly looks a whole lot better than Reading and glad to know you all had a grand day out!

    1. It's loads more spacious than the old Reading venue. With tons more room, if they ever want to expand.

  15. Great looking show and some nice games on display.

  16. Great looking show, they've been coming thick and fast! Can't see anything wrong with having a show this weekend at all?
    Best Iain

    1. No, neither can I Iain. The 2 minutes silence was impeccable held.

  17. Cracking report Ray, some seriously good looking games on show, the SYW flats and the Samurai games both looked tremendous and the Tiger Miniatures one really interests me, one I may try myself nas a new project!

    1. All three games were brilliant. The flats especially.

  18. Fantorical ... We are not worthy!!!

  19. Great pics Ray. The flats looked brilliant.

  20. Great photos mate. You seem to have found a few games I missed, no idea how. Nice one.

  21. That Indian city (?) looked amazing. Some nice photos Ray.

    1. Thanks. The Indian city did look pretty cool.