Sunday, 24 October 2010

ACW - A few photos

Postie our Gamesmaster General put on an 15mm ACW game for our little group over the weekend. We used Fire and Fury rules, which should really be called Frustration and Fury. I've never known a set of rules that you can enjoy one minute and hate the next, hence the title of my blog, "Don't throw a 1", which we all did, too many times, especially my side as we lost the game.
On my side were, Smiffy, Fran, theangrylurker, and Surj. On the winning side were Richard, John, Ian and the newbie Lee, bigleesminipaintingblog.
I left my camera at home and used Posties to take a few photos, I'm not entirly happy with the photos as they didn't come out very clear, but I've included a few of the better ones, goto the links above as both Fran and Lee, took photos, hopefully a lot better than mine!!

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  1. Great pictures and thanks for the linkback btw. I'm posting a couple more photo's on my Blog tomorrow.