Friday, 22 October 2010

First Empire Magazine - Napoleonic

After writing my battle report for the fictional Napoleonic, Battle of Zakharina, in September, Link, I received an email from David Watkins, who is the editor of First Empire Magazine,"The International Magazine for the Napoleonic Enthusiast, Historian and Gamer", he suggested that I might like to have my article printed in his shiny  magazine. It took me quite a while to agree to his incessant demands for my excellent piece of literature, (well ok about 2.2 seconds really). I sheepishly asked about payment for my article and was told as I was not a previous subscriber to the magazine, David could offer me a free 6 issue sub to the magazine and  4 copies of the relevant issue by way of payment. So I jumped at the chance, its not everyday you get an offer for your name and work to be in a well respected magazine.
I sent off the article to David and then told all the lads in our group of sad wargaming patsys, about my impending fame, they were all pleased and were chuffed that they'd all get their photo in the mag as well, except for Postie, " Well that's not fare", he groaned, "You didn't put a photo of me in it did you, and they're all my figures and I was the umpire.........blah, blah, blah, moan, moan, moan", I'd  kind of phased out by then, but I'm sure there was quite a lot more whinging and whining, but I finally shut him up when said I'd send David another photo, just of him, to add to the article.
Anyway the mag arrived today, issue No 115, with the man of the period Mr Bonaparte himself on the front cover. So if your interested in buying the mag or would like a subscription, follow this link First Empire
Also if you want me to sign your copy, just drop me a line, I'm not being too big headed or am I????


  1. Its not Big Headed its Justifiably Proud.

  2. Congratulations (belatedly). I have been thinking that there should be more bloggers who should be getting their stuff published in magazines. It's a real untapped source for print mags to look at (Not that anything I write would count though! ;p)