Tuesday, 19 October 2010

SELWG 2010

I was the designated driver for our annual trip up the A2 to the SELWG show on Sunday. On the trip this year were the usual suspects Postie, Richard, Fran http://theangrylurker.blogspot.com/ and me. Me and Fran had decided to both bring our cameras and try and outdo each other with tantalising, imaginative photos for our blogs, unfortunately in the rush to get out of the door, I left my camera at home, sitting on top of the list it had taken me several months of hard slog to put together. So Fran kindly said he would take some extra photos, which he would then email to me, so I could put them onto the blog, how stupid of me to trust this man! Within a couple of hours after the show, all the photos turned up on HIS blog, there aren't many but due to Fran being such a lovely chap I've pinched some of them from his site. But what fantastic photos they are, he couldn't have taken a worse picture, please tell me I don't really look like that?
What can I say? Fran asked me to pose for a photo, I suggested getting my nipple out and giving it a tweak, a fellow standing just to the left of me nearly choked on his sausage roll... and the rest is history.

Again another fantastic photo of me, at least Fran, whose on the right looks equally as dashing!! Lee, the chap on the left hopefully will be a new recruit to our small group of sad patsys.
Here's a link to his blog, http://bigleesminipaintingblog.blogspot.com/

While surfing the web last night I found another blog with photos of SELWG ,

I thought I wonder if I'm on any photos, then I found us all the last photo, just left of centre, look out for me in the t-shirt above, you can't miss me as I'm scratchin' my butt. Ah! the wonders of the web!!


  1. You are a git hyena boy, Lee is coming to the game on Saturday, I have emailed him address and phone numbers.

  2. Message recieved. Looking forward to the game. I've got a busy weekend lined up because my group are meeting on Friday evening for a D&D session, then its round to you on Saturday and possibly the IWM with the family on Monday.

  3. Imperial War Museum I take it, we want to be family aswell but Ray is the slow one.

  4. I looked carefully but I am not on your pics doing anything embarassing.
    PS I live a bit further down the coast at Rainham, Medway.

  5. Our little group are mainly based in Gravesend, but we've a few near you in Gillingham, Maidstone & Faversham, we're always looking for new blood, if you ever fancy a game let me know.