Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Gang Part 1

I thought I'd write a profile about our little band of merrymen, Postie's Regects, TGWNN or whatever were called knowadays. We just can't seem to decide what we want to be called. All arguing like a bunch of 3 year olds, so I'm just going to call us The Gang for now. There are 10 of us who meet whenever possible at Postie's house, playing whatever game he wants to put on, ranging from 15mm Napoleonics to 15mm Sudan, from 25mm Ancient Greeks to 25mm AWI. So we'll start with the Games Master Extraordinaire.


Better known as Postie. Postie is the owner of, “The Shed”, where we play most of our games. The shed is situated in his garden and takes up most it, it being 19’x10’. He is small, but makes a mean corned beef and pickle sandwich.

Battlefield Tactics
Postie prefers to umpire and host games, rather than play in them, but when he does only one word describes him, patient. He will wait and wait then dig his nails in your head, ask Fran & Ian!

The man is a megalomaniac!! You name it; he’s got it, from figures to terrain. My blog is not big enough to list the periods he has. Think of a period in history, he’s got it, think of another period, he’s got that too, I think you’ve got the picture?. His library of books is vast; I’d hate to think how much his entire collection is worth.


Or The Angry Lurker, Blog site, his favourite quotation just about sums him up, “Bitter, Twisted and Resentful”. 6 Foot 3 and full of Oirish gingerness. Fran has his own, “Man Cave”, were anyone of us would quite happily live for the rest of our lives. It's got figures, a table, a TV, a PS3, a stereo and a fridge. The only 2 problems are the walk down to the shed dodging the 2 dogs, chickens and ducks and then the walk back up to visit the little boy’s room.

Battlefield Tactics
Known in our group as the bushhugger, If there’s any bushes, trees, fences or walls Fran will hide behind them and wait in defence, recently though he has changed his tune and been advancing forward, but usually its toward the pot of Pringles.

25mm Samurai, Moderns & Zombies, (nuff said)


Bit of a strange one, but Richard is my ex father-in-law. Rich is a History teacher and has mellowed with the years, not a lot phases him except dodgy teachers, (remember Rich?). Rich is our number 2 umpire, if Postie’s not putting a game on then Richard is. (But not for a while, eh Ricardo?)

Battlefield Tactics
Good all round player. A thinker. Morale does not have an effect on Monsieur Elders unless it involves another trip to IKEA, or not attacking merchants and sinking the French fleet.

25mm French Revolution, 15mm and 6mm Franco-Prussain and 15mm  NYW French.

Professor Dave

An officer and a gentleman, No he’s not in the forces, that’s the outfit he used to where in a previous occupation. Let’s just say I saw Dave in a WHOLE different light!! (cough!, cough!)

Battlefield Tactics

Dave’s not not known for his defencesive tactics.
He also has a low morale rating, when things go wrong for Dave, they go wrong in a big way and he sinks into depression. I shouldn’t mention our last game, but I will, he lost 13 out of 14 cavalry melees, in the end he refused to throw anymore dice, poor Dave!

25mm and 15mm Medieval and some Fantasy


  1. Bloody lies and slander, does anybody know a good no win, no fee solicitor as I have never touched any vegetation and the therapist said I was cured now, Pringles make me come out in a rash.

    Ooooh greenery.....

  2. Ray, you caught him smiling!! How'd you do it. Were you holding up a naked picture of Pam Anderson when you snapped the pic?