Monday, 18 October 2010

Gardes Te Paard, Portland's Horse Flag

I'm in the middle of painting up two squadrons of the Dutch Gardes Te Paard for my 15mm Nine Years War army. I couldn't find any commercially available so I made my own, sourced from, "The Dutch Army of William III", by C.A Sapherson.
Portland's Horse as they were otherwise known, after their Colonel Hans Willem Bentinck, the Earl of Portland, fought in the following battles, Seneffe 1674, Montcassel 1677, Saint Denis 1678, The Battle of the Boyne 1690, Steenkirke 1692, Ramillies 1706, Oudenaarden 1708 and Malplaquet in 1709.
I've made a guidon for the second squadron, I'm not 100% sure if this would have been carried but it looks good and you can tell the differance between the two squadrons.
I've made two different sets of flags for the regiment, the first is up to the death of Queen Mary on 28 December 1694, with the monogram, "RWMR", the second is after Mary's death with the monogram, "RWWR".
Please feel free to use the flags for your own armies, comments welcome good or bad!

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  1. Actually the Regiment is called Garde te Paard, without the 's'. The colour is the post 1688 one.