Thursday, 12 January 2012

Playing Favourites

Over at Steve's Random Musings, he recently posted a list of his favourite Wargame facts. He got the idea from Too Much Lead and has invited other gamers to post their favourites.
Steve goes on to say, "We all  have favourite games, periods, inspirations and so on, the challenge then is to document what they are so we can all see what drives us....."

And so to my list!!

Wargames Period

A very difficult decision??? But I think It got to be The Age of Reason. The Seven Years War, was my first period I painted up in the early 90's. An older version of The Rejects all got together and painted up figures for a country, I choose the Brits,you just gotta love them Redcoats!!
A close second would be The Dark Ages, Norman's,Saxon's ans Vikings.


25mm is the ultimate scale, just for the visual effect, but I'm going with my favourite, 15mm.
1. It's far cheaper.
2. Unfortunately I've not won the lottery yet, so for me 15mm wins the gold medal.
3. You don't need a massive table to play 15mm.

I have painted lots of 6mm, which is a great grand tactical scale, the figures all seem to be getting bigger than 6mm now, more close to 10mm, so you may as well just go for 15's.


Sorry but I'm gonna go back to my favourite period question again. When the early Rejects decided to paint up the armies for the SYW, we play-tested two sets of rules. The first being Koenig Krieg, which we all enjoyed, but they were beaten into second place by The Age of Reason. We went on to play the campaign system, in the rules twice. I won't tell you who won, let's just say I've got good negotiation skills!!
I've also got to mention WAB, I never once played the rules from the book, we as a group adapted them, to what we thought they should be. I've not left them altogether, I'm taking a leaf out of Fran's book and adapting army lists to use the Lord of the Rings rule system, which Fran uses for his Samurai games.Mind you I've been adapting the rules for about 4 years day!!
And I've got to mention my new baby at the moment, Beneath the Lily Banners 2. Which I'm sure you've seen me mention a few times on this blog already.


As a kid, I loved boardgames, you name it we had it, trouble is they always used to end up in a fight, because my brother Lee is a bloody cheating git!!!
My first wargamey boardgame, was Risk, I haven't played it for years, but used to love it. Pre-wargames I used to get together with a few mates and have a Risk day, quite sad really??? We then moved on to Allies and Axis and Shogun, then my neighbour Stuart invited the motley crew around his house to  play a Wargame. I must admit I was unsure? I cannot play such a nerdy game, spending all day pushing silly soldiers around.....and the rest is history!!!

Figure Manufacturer

So many to choose from?????
For 25mm, I'll go with Gripping Beast, some people don't like them for some reason, but I love' em. I bought the whole collection of their Vikings/Saxons when they first came out and they're sitting in my shed, just waiting for me to sort rules out for them. I love Front Rank as well, although I don't own any of their figures anymore. I just love to paint them, they have raised belts and features which makes them so easy to paint, you don't have to dig any detail out of them.

For 15mm, I've gotta go for Essex Minis. Just like Front Rank, Essex seem to paint themselves, they're such an easy paint. I own tons of Essex figures from many periods including, FIW, NYW, Renaissance English, Scots, French, Swiss and Italians. Trojan's and Mycenaeans. And lastly some Republican Romans and Carthaginians.


I'm a member of Posties Rejects, which is not really a club, its more like a group of mates, who get together when we can. When I started gaming in the early 90's we had a group of around 8 people, myself, Postie, Richard, Smithy and Dave are the only ones left from the original 8, although we've drafted in new member as and when we could, including fellow bloggers BigLee and Fran (The Lurker).


The other Rejects?? Without upsetting the other Rejects I like to play Fran the most, because he's a bush huggin' chicken, he may well be big and brash, but on the wargaming table, he a little cuddly teddy bear, ahhh how sweet!!! So I get to win alot, which is always good, now I'm sure he's going to put some silly comment at how many games he's won recently,blah, blah, blah,just take it with a pinch of salt, all the other Rejects do!!!

There have been so many films that have made me want to pick up the brush and paint or even empty my wallet on an order. I've gotta go with Steve's choice of The Last of the Mohicans, it's a great film, great use of colour and it's a film about my favourite period. My favourite part of the film, is when the film goes silent, Hawkeye runs through the forest chasing Magua, trying to rescue the two sisters finally catching and killing Magua. I find myself holding my breath through the entire sequence.

Other films that make the juices flow are,
1. Saving Private Ryan - A feast of a film!!
2. Barry Lyndon - Again its all about the uniforms.
3. Black Hawk Down - One hell of a film, great cast and great action.
4. The classics - Spartacus, El Cid, Ben-Hur and The Vikings. Four great fims that whenever they're on I find myself watching them, even though I've got them all on DVD.

I read a lot of books, mainly historical novels, my all time favourite has got to be the The Arthurian Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell, The Winter King, Enemy of God and Excalibur. If you haven't read them, do, they're a must!!!! I'd read most of Sharpe and thought I'd have a go at these. I bought the first book and read it in a day,I couldn't put the damn thing down. The next day I went back into own and bought the next two, I read them both in a week. Since then I've re-read them all three times. In fact I'm due to read them again....soon!!!


Strangely enough I'm not really an arty person, unless its got some kind of soldier in it, I find most of the artwork in the Osprey series to be first class, but I like work of Mark Churms, he's not the most popular by far, but I like him, her'es a link to a post I did about a piece of his work The Charge of the Heavy Brigade

The Web

My blog's been up for a year and a half now, for great wargame sites just check out who I follow on the list on the left of this page.

As Aki  from Too much lead, said in his post, "If you like the idea, poach it for your own blog"
I did hope you enjoyed the incite into my mind!!!!!



  1. Interesting post. I heartily agree with every word.

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  3. You are an ass, a donkey and a terrible loser and you'd think with all the practice you get you'd be a good loser and I'm out of here.......

  4. Nice post. Interesting to see your list and think about my own path to wargaming.

  5. Good stuff. My all time favourite battle movie is the original "300 Spartans" and sadly my second is "Kellys Heroes"... interestingly, when I was young, we had time on our hands and spare C4 so we blew a bank strong room in a deserted Central African town during a rebel incursion; no graffitti or gold, just a busted chair - oh well, but you see why I like "Kellys"!

    Heh heh, your mate Fran doesn't disappoint, good to have a reliable friend.

  6. And I still call him a mate????? I don't know why either!!!

  7. Exceload..... going to have to get Mohicans out again soon... been too long since I last saw it... love that bit where the regiment is marching through the clearing and the Indians begin to whoop in the woods on either side... makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck...

  8. What a list! Very interesting...I'll try Bernard Cornwell soon!

  9. A long list you have there. Mine would be much, much, much shorter.

  10. Very interesting post, Ray! Thank you. It's always interesting to learn something about colleagues from overseas. And to find, with so much in common between us:)

  11. Great read as always.


  12. Lovely painted figures there but I was a little surprised not to see me as your favourite artist, lol.

  13. Interesting stuff and I might give this a try but I suspect I could not in my remaining years (I hope) narrow any category down to single favourite !! :-)

  14. A great post Ray and when I get a little more time I will certainly be poaching it! Lovely to see what drives the individual.

  15. Lol the feuding with the lurker. You guys would make a great couple. Wink.

  16. The Age of Reason..I did actually consider going into it..i was going to start a blog with loads of 3 musketier types but it never happened. medievals for me..and anything that takes my fancy coming a close second. :-D
    PS..First time I´ve managed to get on and my PC hasn´t done a dive. Have I said happy new year yet?? No? Ok..Happy new year :-D

  17. As I said to Steve I need to do this. Last of the Mohicans and the Cornwell's Arthur series are real high on my list too Ray.


  18. I used to love playing Axis and Allies...many a happy holiday in a windswept welsh caravan.

  19. Is that a used sock I see in Fran's ear?

  20. Very interesting...thanks for sharing =D

  21. Excellent Entry, Ray, very interesting. Those Cornwell´s books are my favourites too.

    Best regards.

  22. Great entry Ray. I note that whilst not wargaming ralated you also enjoy fishing. Seems Fran guarantees a bite everytime LOL.

  23. Didn't know about those Cornwell books. I'll start the first tonight

  24. Nice post, Ray. I'll do the same in a few days.

  25. There are lovely mate. I never realised the Japanese were so colourful.

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    Great list, btw ;)