Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 - A Review

Firstly I'd like to wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year, to all you Waragmers out there may you all throw 6's a instead of 1's, except if your playing me of course!!

2011 was a great year for me,  I played only 19 games, which was a little disappointing, but I think I did well getting them games fitted in around the Mrs and the 4 brats!
I had a  very successful year painting in 2011, This year I've been trying to get my Nine Years War project kick started, unfortunately this put my FIW project on hold! But as you'll see by the list below, most of my painting was for other members of the Rejects, mainly the Megalomaniac Postie, and some for Fran's Operation Sealion project.

Nine Years War
O'Farrell's Scots Fuzileers x 21 Link
Generals x 16 Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
Fitzharding's Dragoons x 12 Link
Dismounted Fitzharding's Dragoons x 12
Clifton/Lesley's Foot  x 21 Link
Waldeck's Horse x 12 Link
Guard de Voet x 21 Link
Heyden/Ittersom's Horse x 12 Link
Ginkel/Athlone Horse x 12  Link
Prince George Foot x 18 Link
Artillery Link
All in all 208 figures

55th Foot x 30 Link
Compagnies Franches de la Marine x 36 Link
Gorham's Rangers x 20
La Sarre x 28
The French Indian Wars took a massive bashing from the NYW and only managed 114 figures

The '45 Rebellion
Highland Cavalry x 12
John Roy Stewert's Lowland Scots x 12
James Moir of Stonywood's Lowland Scots x 12
John Gordon of Avochie's Lowland Scots x 12
These were for Postie to add to his 15mm Culloden period, which I painted years ago. 48 figures

French Generals x 18 Link
Dragoons of the Guard x 12 Link
Hussars of the Guard x 12 Link
Empresses Cuirassiers x 12 Link
Achtyka Hussars x 12 Link
Lithuanian Uhlans x 12 Link
Lancers of the Guard x 12
1st Jagers x 16 Link
3rd Jagers x 16
18th Jagers x 16
50th Jagers x 16
Lifeguard Uhlans x 12
Litovski Guard Infantry 3 x 16
Krenenchug Line 2 x 16
Polotsk Line 2 x 16
Ielets Line 2 x 16
Ekatermburg Line 2 x 16
Rylsk Line 2 x 16
Mormansk Line 2 x 16
Revel Line 2 x 16
Krenenchug Line 2 x 16
Russo-German Legion x 16
Russo-German Legion Jagers x 4
Russian Generals x 16 Link
8th Opelchenie x 16
9th Opelchenie x 16
An entire Russian army to go with the one he already had!!
Jagers x 16
Light Infantry x 16
Austrian Generals x 15
1st Dragoon Guards x 12
Hompesch Mounted Rifles x 12 Link
Engineers x 36
1st Pommarianian Landwehr x 16
2nd Pommarianian Landwehr x 16
Pioneers x 12 Link
These fine fellows as you can see took up most of my time as you can imagine, I would have liked to put more pics up of these and may well do so, during 2012.  828 figures

Assorted Pirates x 42 Link
Once again for Mr Postie, for his War of 1812 project, 42 figs

Russo-Japanese War
Russian Infantry x 60
Japanese Infantry x 64
Russian Infantry x 74
Japanese Infantry x 60
Posties newest project, (yes another one!!) 258 figures
Sudan Wars 
Sudanese Cavalry x 12
Sudanese Camalry x 12
Topping up another one of Posties projects, 48 figures

As poor Fran was in a, "I don't want to paint a figure ever again!!!!", frame of mind, (typical Lurker behaviour!!) he asked me to help kick start his Operation Sealion project, which I did. 119 figures
WWII 20mm
Officers x 5
BMW Motorbikes and riders x 4 Link
Fallschirmjagers x 77 LinkLink 2
Kreigsmarine x 16 Link
Royal Navy Landing Party x  6 Link
MP's and Motorbikes x 7
Generals x 5 Link
2 Mortar Teams x 8
2 HMG teams x 8 
Drivers x 4
Infantry x 45
Col Richard Norton's Horse x 12 (Parl)
Can't believe these are the only 25mm I painted this year. An odd unit Postie had left in his box, for yet another one of his projects, he has a massive ECW army for both sides and we've never gamed with them!! 24 figures
So all in all that makes it 1546 15mm figures, 119 20mm figures and just 24 25mm figures.

So what's new for 2012

I don't plan (he says), for any new periods this year, I'd like to finish my FIW period and finish the rules I'm working for them as well. I've got quite a bit done already, but still want to paint far much more than I really need. 
On to the NYW project, as some of you already now, Richard and myself have now had two games of BLB2, but still need a few more figures to add to the game for a bit of variety. We both concentrated on units for the Flanders side of the Grand Alliance, but with the news of a Irish Campaign scenario book being worked upon at The League of Augsberg HQ, I'll be painting up units for both sides to use in conjunction with the figures that are already painted. I volunteered The Rejects to be test dummies in testing out some scenarios for the book, which I'm very much looking forward too!!!

This year myself and Fran, have been invited by Paul Darnell of Battles in Miniature, to Salute on 21st April and play, "A Raid on the Atlantic Wall by British Commandos", a WW2 skirmish game. Which were very much looking forward too!!! So if you see two fat blokes with glasses, one with ginger hair and the other an Elvis quiff, come and say hello!!!
Also I'm still in negotiations with the other Rejects about us as a group perhaps putting on a game at a show ourselves, I was invited by Leofwine Wargamerson, (surely not his real name, he heh! at least I hope not??), the Chairman of Milton Hundred Wargames Club, to put on a game at their show Broadside, on 10th June. so fingers crossed we may be there!!!!

Lastly I finally finished basing up some figures and sent off some pics to Curt for the Analouge Hobbies Painting Challenge. The French Infantry Regt La Sarre and a model of Fran the Angry Bear. Bothe these will appear on my blog in the coming weeks, but there's a sneak preview below.
I've been extremely busy these past few days, and I'll be sending some more pics off to Curt soon, some FIW casualty markers and some Russian Resistance fighters for Fran's Operation Sealion.

Well that's all folks!!


La Sarre
Fran, the Angry Bear


  1. Awesome amount of painting Ray, best of luck for 2012

  2. Bloody Hell mate, thats an amazing amount you have done, mine amounted to about 70 28mm painted, so much kudos. Happy New Year

  3. Wow, what a list! Respect.

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!!!

  4. I thought I had done a fair amount but I'm covered by dust from you speeding away. Well done and all the best for 2012

  5. That's some painting output!!!! The figures are nice too, which makes it even more amazing. Do you sleep?


  6. Wow that is a great amount of painted material.
    All the best for 2012

  7. Happy New Year Ray. That some serious output no wonder you only got 19 game in this year. When do you sleep?

  8. What an awesome year, Ray. Fantastically impressive painting tally there. I only wish I could manage a fifth of that!!! Looking forward very much to seeing you all at Salute, and Milton Keynes if you make that as well. Have a great 2012!

  9. Geeze mate, you put me to painting shame. Great year and looking forward to your posts in 2012.

  10. woow, that's an impressive review Ray. Happy new year and may the brushes and the dice be with you

  11. You worked like a ... bear!!!!!!

    Happy New Year Ray!!

  12. Awesome tally Ray. Really enjoyed your blog. Special thanks for the Dark Age flags too. All the best for 2012.

  13. Happy New Year, Ray. You have painted a lot of models the last year. If I can go to SALUTE this year, I expect to see both of you there.

    Best regards.

  14. Incredible work! Regiment of "La Sarre" is, a usually, wonderful. "Vive le Roy !"

  15. All the best for 2012 Ray and looking forward to hooking up for our Salute game.

  16. Wow! Hats off to you sir! Have a wonderful 2012 Ray.

  17. Happy New Year and all the best for 2k12!! And play more games mate!! ;)


  18. Holy cow Ray! I knew you did alot, but never thought about the sheer volume. It looks like you have a great year in front of you. Love Fran the Angry Bear. Give him a poke and tell him it's from me.

  19. Looks like it was a great year in the hobby for you. Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year

  20. That's a lot of painting, and it's all been excellent paint jobs, too. I hope you get in more this New Year and have a Happyone while you're at it.

  21. Wow, I am not really sure how you do it. The figures you sent to Curt look great.

    Anyway Happy New Year, and I will stay tuned.


  22. Happy New Year, congrats, and good luck! :)

  23. Impressive painting, impressive blog..Happy New Year Ray! CU @Salute...

  24. Wow. That's a LOT of figures,

    I suspect I could get somewhere around that many in a year if I was less last-minute about the whole business, but that is pretty awesome.

    Happy New Year to you, and thanks for all the encouraging comments on my blog!

  25. Wonderful year in and year start, post. Funny bear you got there, as well. And in response to your comment about get out of jail free cards - one can never have too many of those.

    Happy 2012 :-)

    Cheers & Boogie Boogie.

  26. Holy Mother! 19 games and several hundreds of figures painted! Great work. I wish my output were the same, I might actually finish a few armies for myself and some commissions then!

    Happy 2012!

  27. That's an impressive painting tally for 2011 Ray! All the best for 2012.

  28. Let's drive 2012 like we stole it........

  29. Impressive tally of figures! Good luck on 2012!


  30. A stunning ! and mildly annoying :-) list of painted lead !! Keep up good work on blog as well


  31. WOW What a great year. Here's hoping you have another great one in 2012.


  32. Well, you seem to be starting it off well! Congratulations and may the rest of the year bring you happiness!

  33. That was a lot of work! A lot of good work!

    Happy New Year Ray!

  34. Ray, you've painted all the figures I paint in ten years, in only one year. I'm shocked!
    Great review!

    Happy New Year to you and the ladies!


  35. So, you didn´t get very many figs painted in 2011 then :-p
    Happy new year