Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bloggers of the World unite at Salute 2012

Myself and Dave D from One Man and his Brushes
An open invite to all and any bloggers went out by blogpost from myself, Fran and BigLee, the week before Salute. I must say I was very pleased and  impressed with the turnout. I'd like to thank you all for coming over and having a chat with the Rejects and bloggers. We'll definitely do it again next year!!!
The Posties Rejects T-shirts went down a storm as well, many a time I saw people staring at the logo, sometimes they spoke to me "Are you the Ray from Don't throw a 1?", to which I'd proudly answer, Yes! But most of the time they'd stare and walk straight off, probably  thinking, "Whose that prat in the crap t-shirt!!"  I even got recognised by one of the guys on the Gripping Beast stand!!! 
Oh the fame!!!!!!

BigLee, Emilio  Benito from Gaming with TooFatLardies and Fran
BigLee, Benito and a blurry Mike Whitaker from Trouble at T'Mill
Fran won a book in a competition from the Wargaming Girl, Tamsin
Michael Awdry from 28mm Victorian Warfare, his pal Bob, The Provost Marshal
and Dave D.
Tamsin from Wargaming Girl, then over her left shoulder is Andy from The Hanger Bay
Honoury Reject Mike from MiniStories, Evil Reject Gamesmaster Postie and a
 not so blurred Mike Whitaker
On the right is Curt from Analouge Hobbies and behind him is Dallas's foot, 
Dallas being from Fawsett Avenue Conscripts, sorry Dallas that's the only pic I got of you?

Tomsche and his Pickachu hat from Societa di archeologia e cimeli, Tomsche is a bad,
 bad boy, just ask him about his girlfriend!! 
I Finally met the Godlike Barry Hilton of The League of Augsberg and BLB2 fame and,  for some reason Barry thought I didn't look much like my blog avatar, ( Can't think why???)
Myself and Martin from Warbases, a top quality product! 
Postie even managed to get their artwork in the photo!!
I also met and spoke to Al from The Wargames Shed
Michael from Dalauppror
Jay from The Raptors Nest, Didn't actually speak to Jay or his wife, I turned around and they'd gone! But they both had a good chat with Fran.
Monty and his pal from Monty's War Gaming
Andy from The Lair of the Breviks
Seb from Back to the Minis
Simon from Iron Mitten
If I've missed anyone out please accept my apologies!



  1. Had I been at Salute, I would have come, too. Maybe next year!

  2. OMG - decent looking pics of me! The world must be coming to and end! Run for the hills - it's your only hope! ;)

    Nice report Ray! It was fantastic to meet so many bloggers in one place :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time!

    It's always nice to meet people in real life.

  4. A cracking day out - and great to meet up with everyone - not usre i like being that side of the camera!

  5. D'oh!
    Next year I'll try to come a bit earlier, Promised ;)

  6. I think this sort of thing is really worthwhile, it's nice to put faces to names, especially when you've swapped comments with them over some time.

    So nobody got a shot of Fran smiling?

  7. Excellent post Ray. Great to be able to put faces to names.

  8. Looks like you had a great time i wish i could get there some time

  9. Ok guys, I suppose this retaliation from writing Ray's name wrong in my blog, I'm not "Emilio" but Benito!!

  10. Lucky chaps! :-)
    If the money wasn't too tight...I'd come too!

  11. Never smiled or talked so much in ages, good time!

  12. Maybe any other year... (*sigh*)

  13. Wish I'd gone now. Oh well next year perhaps. Nice one Ray.

  14. I'd like to say that "someday I'll go to Salute" but I know that will never be possible, but it is nice at least to see those of you I blog with all together in photos and having a grand time. Thanks for the pics Ray.

  15. At last internet fame is mine. Great post Ray, and would definitely be up for meeting up next year.

  16. I ain`t bad, it was a reasoned and well underbuild issue ;)

  17. Typical, looking the wrong way again! It was such a great idea and great to meet up. Here's to next year!

  18. Very good post, Ray. As others have said, it's nice to put faces to names.

  19. Great folks - wish I could've attended. Maybe someday. Best, Dean

  20. Good roundup of everyone we met. I was struggling to remember them all myself. It really was great to actually meet all these people we have come to know and admire in cyberspace!

  21. A very nice meeting. Maybe next year I can be there...

    Best regards.

  22. Geez you guys kill me as you had such a game time. Hopefully I will make it next year and promote the world of PanzerKaput.

  23. Soooo tempting... I have to try to make it next year!!

    Looking good outthere!!

  24. Great pics Ray - putting faces to the bloggers makes it all seem more "real". I'm definitely on a brownie point crusade to curry favour with Mrs K to be able to go next year!

  25. Glad it went well Ray and you all had fun nice one

  26. Looks like an awesome get together!

  27. Mybe I'll meet you one day. I am sure that my AVATAR is 100% accurate

  28. Where and how did you find the time for all this posing in the midst of all that Wargaming goodness !!?? :-)

    1. This was our break, standing and talking, then straight back to walking round the show again.

  29. looks like loads of fun!

  30. Loved the pictures, Ray. It's great to put faces to the blogs I follow and to learn e odd bit, like Secundus from Iron Mitten actually being Simon.
    If you ever get any more Posties Rejects T shirts made, maybe I could trade you something Canadianish in return - Curt and I are in neighboring provinces, we could start a Canadian chapter!
    Cheers mate,

  31. Wanna wisit Salute to shake your hands, friends :)

  32. Thanks for all the pics of fellow bloggers Ray and one day I hope to be in one!


  33. It was great to meet all these folks I've been chatting with on the interwebs - great folk one and all. Christ, but that's a bad pic of me! Its no wonder me mum always nags about my posture. ;p
    Nice post Ray!

  34. Way too much fun...must be some shenanagins going on.