Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Battle of Salutesville Or The Battle of the Bloggers

As our WWII game at Salute was cancelled the Rejects decided to host a game for Curt and Dallas, who were coming over to the UK from Canada on holiday. Things went a little tits up, firstly Dallas had to pull out of the game, then Reject Richard pulled out, the day before Salute, so panic ensued and two replacements were pulled in from cyberspace, Seb and the only Wargaming girl I've ever met Tamsin were both drafted in for the game.

So the scene was set Sunday morning, Reject HQ....The Battle of Salutesville
Everyone picked their command from the hat,
The Union
CnC in the centre - Curt
Left wing - Seb
Right Wing - Ray (Me)
The Confederates
CnC Right Centre - Tamsin
Right Wing - Jack
Left Centre - BigLee
Left Wing - Fran Fran's already put up a post about the game.

There were only 4 turns played but what a four turns they were, we managed a measly 44 melee's!!!!

 Postie used the whole table 14x6
On the left Curt and Seb.
On the right BigLee, Tamsin and Jack ,I think Fran was stirring the pasta!

Evil Gamesmaster Postie
We all threw a random dice, to see how far we set up, this was the result.
The Union centre
I moved up to take the centre hill, while Curt moved his entire line forward, on the left you can just see Seb's troops trying, I said trying to cross the river, it was a bit deeper than we all thought!
The Union right flank, the plan was to hold Fran's troops on the right and attack that nice gap.
Tamsin threw a 6 for re-inforcements so the Rebs got there reserves on straight away, where I here 
you ask, right in the gap I was going to attack..........Damn it!
The Union centre still looks pretty good.
I moved onto the right hill, 3 Union brigades v 5 Confederates, don't think I like the odds, but I'm waiting for our re-enforcements that will be coming down the road.
Its all happening left centre, the first of a massive 44 melees during the game.
Come on Seb, hurry up!!!
A close up of the first melee.
And there's the result, Tamsin gets pushed back, he he!!
These two units had a titanic tussle, the whole of the game, charging and recharging each other several times over. 
The result of the melee, the Confederates pushed back once again, the game was certainly going our way early on.
Tamsin reformed her units into supported line while BigLee charged Curt's troops.
The centre, the hill proved a big problem for BigLee's troops.
Bad news for BigLee's unit, they go worn.
The Union get pushed back.
Fran charges uphill.
I charge downhill.
More charges in the centre.
Jack wonders why there are no Space Marines on the board.
Seb's taking a picture, while Curt ponders the power of the Paparazzi.
Curt placed his artillery on the hill hoping for some flanking fire.
Hoorah! The Union get some of their re-enforcements, two units of cavalry and a horse battery,
hopefully these should cause Fran a problem.

The flank looks very tempting??? Mwah ha ha!
On our left flank, Jack dismounted his cavalry, and shot at Seb's troops.
Another dismounted unit, moved over the bridge, but were charged  in the flank. 
Bad die by Seb and they were pushed back.
After giving Fran a damn good thrashing, I charged downhill and sent one unit running for the hills,
then followed up and hit another unit, this unit ran off as well.
And just to prove it!
But it left me in a precarious position.
Seb finally made it over the river, with one unit.

What a mess!!!!
The centre looks very precarious, for both sides??
The hard slog for the hill continues,  one of Curt's artillery batteries gets silenced and a new marker
made for us especially by Warbases gets used.
Fran's re-enforcements advance but are  halted by a small unit in the woods,
which I later found out to be  Green!
An Overview of the Battle
In the left centre the Confederates Tamsin and BigLee keep on pressing forward the attack.

Bad news for the Union, Curt's unit loses the melee and becomes Spent (red marker)
More bad news for the Union, another unit of Curt's troops lose a melee and are forced back 12 inches.
Then BigLee, broke another one of Posties tapes, that's two tapes in two games, of
course he will deny all knowledge and blame Fran.
BigLee is forced back by my tenacious defence!!
The Union seem to be collecting far too many yellow markers, which means the unit is worn and
 no longer fresh, which in these rules is very very bad news!!!
4:15 and Seb had to make a move home, Tamsin presented him with a prize that he'd one in
a competition on her blog, a copy of Mash, the Movie.
Then Postie presented Seb with his Honoury Reject Trophy.
The Union move forward to assault Fran.
Fran's moved my troops for me last turn and neglected (cheated), to refuse their left flank, which
opened up a flank charge for him, the cheatin' Fecker!!!

I charged once again on the hill, while my worn unit and artillery try and form a defensive line.
Tamsin charged two units onto Curt's poor lonely brigade. What a bully!!
Another Overview.
BigLee  can taste blood and victory, he charges and demolishes Curt's spent unit!!!
It dispersed and fled from the field of Battle.
I still there, even though I'm now worn as well.
Fran's re-enforcements advanceing.

My cavalry take the hill and press on.
Oops!!! Out of ammo, disordered and worn. Its not looking it?
Fran's cheating didn't pay off as I beat him in the melee and push him back!
At this point after a brief conflab, Curt and myself threw in the towel. Postie tallied up the victory points which gave the dirty Rebs a 19 point to 13 point victory. BigLee was the happiest he's had a few defeats recently, so he bragged like 5 year old all about his win.
Curt with his Honoury Reject Trophy.
Tamsin with her Honoury Reject Trophy.

Back Row: BigLee, Fran, Tamsin, Ray and Curt
Front Row: Jack, Postie and Seb


  1. A great battle, wasn't it?
    Your pictures are really wonderful, like the table...
    Great looking game!

  2. You couldn't move your own troops because of all my pasta in your big belly, you help a guy out.....sheeeeeeesh!

  3. Nice game! What set of rules do you use?
    On the female gamer front, you should know I married one! And we have a daughter who games as well! In truth, Kate likes RPGs like D&D and Traveller, but she does have an Elvish army for Warmaster. My wife likes fantasy armies, too, like Arthurian sub-Roman Britons and White Russians.

    1. We used Fire and Fury, they're a great set of rules, but do drive me up the wall sometimes!! And all your wargaming girls, lucky lad!!

    2. Amen, brother! ...and they can cook, too!

  4. I really enjoyed that report. Many thanks.

  5. Good looking game , i spoke to postie today and he said you have worn him out !!!poor old boy.

    1. Only what he deserves the old git! Giving the Union too many Green units, it was a fix!!!!

  6. The Rejects are a nice bunch of guys Ray. It looks like you had a wonderful time despite your loss and the U turn you made earlier in the day. What were you thinking Ray? You can't get away with breaking the law, not with Englands finest policing the streets.

  7. "bragged like 5 year old"...cheeky fecker! We won fair and square and I was just glad not to be dragged down by my team mates for a change! And as for the broken tape measure...Fran may have been on my side but his slight of hand - swapping tapes with me after he broke his - didn't fool anyone!!

    It was a great game, I really enjoyed it. I'm just finishing off my BatRep where the truth about this game will finally be told.

  8. Great looking game you all pulled together on the fly. Best, Dean

  9. .... I didn't understand all the game (grbbbbllllll) but it seems to be fun!
    so many figures on the table: it makes me dream!

  10. What a game and what a little community you guys are building up; all credit to the rejects!

  11. Great game and photos chaps and chapess, and its looks like a great game and fun was had by all.

  12. Great looking game and battle report

  13. Great batrep! And if there is ever a might see some Space Marines emerging from some thick brush.

  14. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  15. A very interesting AAR, Ray. Thank you a lot.

  16. Cheers for the AAR and piccies Ray! :)

  17. Great looking game. I am quite envious of my fellow Canuck Curt for making the pilgrimage to Rejects HQ. Perhaps I can follow in his path one day. Have you chaps ever thought of running a wargaming B&B?
    Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

    1. Sounds like a plan, I'll talk to Postie!!! If your ever over the pond let us know and we'll try and sort something out.

  18. Great photos, more faces to names. Well done.

  19. Great report, great pictures and great painted figures! Now I'm of to read the reports of Fran and Lee. I want to know the truth about this game :-D

    Thanks for sharing Ray!


  20. Great looking game Ray, and I'm most impressed at finally seeing Postie's shed. Though it's not really a shed, more a small house.

    1. It takes up nearly the whole of his garden!!!

  21. Great game! All those minis on that 14 x 6 table -- it looks truly epic!

  22. Ahhh, always nice to see pictures from this game Ray. But now, I'm waiting Lee's picture of you eating the cake. Should be quite a treat ;)

  23. Great report, i liked to read it ! It makes me want to play....i have a confederate army but it's not painting yet.......bououh (: Thank's Ray

  24. This must be the most photographed wargame in Wargames history!!

    Looks like you all had a blast though and a pasta nosh up as well!!

  25. That's a terrific-looking table. What rules were you using - looks like 15mm figures?

    1. Yep 15mm figures, using Fire and Fury rules.

  26. Great looking game as always, Ray, well done guys. Good to see the blogger fraternity getting involved too.

  27. It looks like fun, good people and good games, yeh?

  28. Looks like a great game Ray, Curt is taller then I thought, but maybe it is that all you guys are short!


  29. Thanks for the Batrep Ray. It looks like it was a very enjoyable day.

  30. Good post. This must be the most blogged about game of the Century!

    Well done.

  31. goo one. nice game. must be hard to play for so long... have you ever managed to play a large game to the end before?

    1. Oh yes, we had a bit of a late start, around 11:30ish, we would normally start this kind of game around 10 o'clock and play until 6ish, or until the otherside had had enough of a beating and fled the field.

  32. Great shots Ray...I apologize for not visiting more often, my computer freezes up and It takes forever to get anywhere.
    Looks like you guys had a great time.

  33. Good post!
    Nice game. Seems you had a good time!

  34. Great report and photos Ray. What could be better than a cool game on a big table with wonderful gamers.

  35. Thanks for all your comments Guys'n'gals, they're all greatly appreciated!

  36. Great report, Ray, and a great day with the Rejects! Thanks so much to Postie for putting it on, to Fran for the excellent pasta (though I'm sure the post-pasta sluggishness is what finally did me in) and to you Ray in dropping me off at the station. Cripes do I ever look knackered in those photos! I think I showed up at Posties with less than three hours sleep. Serves me right. Good times nevertheless and thanks again!
    - Curt

    1. It was our pleasure Curt, I'm just glad you enjoyed yourself. Anytime your over this side of the pond your always welcome back, for more pasta and games!!!!!