Tuesday, 24 January 2023

AHPC 13 - Almansa 1707 - English - MacCartney's & Breton's Brigde's 2mm


Back to the  2mm WSS Battle of Almansa project

Here we have 2 Brigades of English foot, MacCartney's and Breton's
Each unit consists of  240 2mm figures

In a previous post I hand wrote the names of each unit on the bottom of the base. Unfortunately my handwriting is like a 5 year old's. So after a quick experiment on MSPaint, I came up with these, the brown colour is a close match to the brown on the bases and they don't catch your eye too much. Which is what I wanted.
I did add a coloured block on the left of the label, to denote the country of the unit. Red being English.

McCartney's Brigade - Gorge's, Breton's, MacCartney's & Portmore's
Breton's Brigade - Mourdant's, Foot Guards, Lord Nassau's & Bowles'

Don't look too close, 2mm are hard to see let alone paint!
All the flags come from my NYW collection and were shrunken down to fit 2mm. Now they are larger than they should be, but in my opinion need to be.

So for the points
8 bases @5 pts each = 40 pts
2 bases @1/2 pts = 1 point
For a total of 41 points!!!


  1. AT the scale these units are I doubt anyone will ntic the oversized flags, but they do all look good.

    1. They could have been smaller, but you'd lose the detail. These were a pain to cut out and glue together, I wouldn't fancy anything smaller.

  2. Just some really strong dudes carrying the flags, that's all!
    Forty-one points is a nice score.

    1. Cheers Alex, they've all got tree truck arms!

  3. Nice layout of the information on the bases, good looking units. They look grand lined up.

  4. Cracking work Ray, they look really good, you have made the right decision on the regimental name label, it really look nice, good font and nice colour, blending in well with the base.

  5. These are all coming along nicely Ray. Great job.

  6. Nice work Ray and the labels look great.

  7. Nice looking blocks of troops Ray. Sorry to be picky, but I think the lace on the MacCartneys button holes isn't quite right......!! 😂