Thursday 16 March 2023

AHPC 13 Almansa 1707 - Spanish Cavalry Croa's Brigade & 1000 post!!

I was checking the stats on my blog a few weeks ago when I noticed I was not far away from posting my 1000th post. Well that day has come, so welcome to Don't Throw a 1's 1000th post!

Just a quick thank you to all who support me by clicking the links and commenting on my little part of the wargaming world.

It was Spanish on Tuesday and its Spanish again today, but this time its the Cavalry of  Croa's Brigade.
Croa's Brigade consisted of three units, the blue coated 3 squadrons of the Ubeda y Baeza otherwise known as La Ramble

4 Squadrons of the red coated Reina (Queen) Horse

and finally 3 squadrons of the white coated Amendariz Dragoons.

Croa's Brigade were in the 2nd Line of the Right Wing under Lt General D'Asfeld

Each cavalry base is worth 2.5 points, which there are 10 of, making 25 points, add to that the 1/2 point for Croa, making a total of 25.5 points.


  1. Lovely work once again Ray and well done on reaching 1K's worth of posts:).

  2. Lovely way to celebrate the milestone. Grat's to you Ray.

  3. Congratulations, Ray! One thousand posts represent a great body of work. Your WSS armies continue to grow.

  4. You are certainly churning out units and posts. Be interesting to see to he 2mm Almansa forces arrayed when done

    1. Just found out how to check number of posts and I am somehow at 1317, must be the inherent Blarney gene :-)

    2. Can't wait to get all the units o the tanke to be honest. Keep the blarney going, you're doing a great job.

  5. Massive congratulations on your 1000th post, quite an achievement! Nice cavalry too, more great additions to your project.

  6. Well done on a thousand posts Ray, and a nice way to celebrate it with some fine Spanish cavalry.

  7. 1000 is an astounding number. 😀

  8. Congratulations Ray! How do you count your age in blog posts? Does it make you a Methuselah of blogging?