Sunday, 13 November 2011

Save the Emperor Batrep Part 1

Three Rejects got together for a small game in the middle of last week, which was a nice surprise. Postie was the umpire, while Ian was the French and I played the Russians. Ian's got 6-8 weeks off work after having a knee replaced, poor sod's been stuck indoors for two weeks bored stiff!!


In a nut shell, Somewhere in French held Russian territory, the French commander who was in fact the Emperor Napoleon himself, had to get from one side of the table to the other, all I had to do was melee for one round with the carriage to kill or preferably capture Napoleon and exit of any side of the table. We both knew I had re-enforcements, but we didn't know when and where they'd appear.........

 The table, Napoleon can be seen in the distance, cowardly hiding in his carriage under the tunnel,which is in fact my old table,which is up for sale foe £20 on Ebay at the moment!!

 The French camp, awaiting the arrival of Napoleon.

 At the bridge a unit of dismounted Dragoons stands to attention waiting to 
salute Napoleon as he drives past.

 two battalions of the 33rd Line marching towards the bridge.

 The trap is set two Hussar regts, Akhtyrka and White Russia along with the 
1st and 2nd Black Sea Cossacks, hide behind a hill.

 Here comes the Emperor, who is being guarded by the 
Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard and the Grenadiers a Cheval.

 I think he's having a nap....not for long!!

 Both sides advance.

The  Grenadiers a Cheval, break off to try and hold the threat from the Cossacks, 
while Napoleon starts to cross the bridge.

 The Russians are lucky and throw for re-enforcements who turn up
bottom right. Two Battalions of the 50th Jagers, move up to the edge of the wood.

 Ian decided to split his unit of Chasseurs a Cheval, one squadron remaining 
with the Emperor, the other trying to face off the advancing Russain Hussars.

The Russian Hussars move across the fordable river, the French dismounted 
dragoons also move into the river to harass the Hussars.

The 1st Black Sea Cossacks.

The White Russia Hussars.

The 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 33rd Line change formation 
and face the Russian 50th Jagers.

A wider picture. the 33rd line on the left, the 50th Jagers at the bottom 
the two Hussars on the right and at the top Napoleon in his carriage.

Napoleon try's to make his escape, flanked by the 24th Leger, who 
might have heard a noise in the woods in front of them, (we took all the trees down, 
because Ian's belly kept knocking them off the table)

 DAMN!! French reinforcements, it's not looking good for the Russians
now. The 15th Polish Lancers and the 1st Polish Chasseurs a Cheval arrive 
at the opposite end of the road that Napoleon's trying to escape along. 
They're joined by a Horse Artillery battery.

 As Napoleon was on the field he gave the French side a plus 2 on a D6 roll,
 this meant he had the choice on going 1st or 2nd, unsurprisingly he kept letting 
me go first, then re-acted to my moves, which made things extremely difficult!!
In this photo you can see some Russian re-enforcements at the top left,
 the 1st Kalmuck Archers and the 1st Bashkir Archers.

 Melee ensues, the 2nd squadron of the Chasseurs a Chavel v The 
White Russia Hussars. In an outstanding display of dice rolling The French were 
annihilated in two rounds of melee, and moved up to take the ground.

 The Akhtyrka Hussars in the centre right, have the carriage in their sites at last, 
one more move will put then into charge range!!

Meanwhile after frightening off both the Black Sea Cossacks, the
 Grenadiers a Chavel of the Guard, moved across the bridge.

Meanwhile the previously victorious White Russain Hussars get their butt
kicked by the Grenadiers a Chavel, who hit them in the flank.

Part 2 later in the week!!


  1. Great pics and a good report! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for the reject! (He could call it a war injury)

  2. Great look game, look forward to part two.

  3. Nice looking game and report. Ouch - that surgery looks painful. Best, Dean

  4. Great battrep! Get well soon and hopefully pain free (ish),

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    Only 6-8 weeks off!!!! That looks pretty grimm!!
    Great looking game..
    PS..did you get my PM at bennos??

  6. Well I can guess part of next week's followup since the Polish have lances and horse artillery. Hope Ian's leg gets better. Maybe you should make firmer bases for those trees to stand up to belly abuse better.

  7. Great write up, sounds a fun game

  8. Very nice batrep, Ray. Looks like fun.

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  10. A great game and your bit done for care in the community. What a gent, hope Ian's on the mend soon.

  11. Excellent game writeup Ray!

    Too bad about that chaps leg! Hopefully will get better soon.



  12. looks like a fun scenario...and what a great looking bridge and river! nice!

  13. ouch indeed! i hope he feels better! :)

  14. That game looked like it was fun! Damn that looks painful actually it is painful I have had it done myself...Hope your fellow Postie gets well


  15. Quick healing wishes to your buddy. Six to eight weeks off work. Yikes. Hope he likes to read or something to keep him from going batty.

  16. Good looking game; nice scenario idea. How will it end?

  17. Great looking table and report! Really like the rivers. You guys play rough with breaking knee caps and all just over dice rolls!


  18. Nice scneario. Great report. Cheers.

  19. Excellent scenario, Ray!

    Love the carriage, too, btw! At least Ian didn't have the Emperors piles (I hope!):-D

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  22. Great looking game Ray. You need a job in TV! You know exactly where to end the episode. Until next time....

  23. Damn good looking game Ray, Ian's knee looks lovely.

  24. What? Fran actually saying a nice thing about Ray?!

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  26. this my friend is a very good scenario, far from the classical battles.

    hurray for the rejects!

    Thanks a lot for thiis read Ray

  27. ouch that is a killer scar!

  28. Great looking game Ray... Really like the river and bridge sections too. Any info on how they were made (or where they were purchased)?


  29. The river and bridge are made by The Last Valley, who don't appear to have a website. I think the guys name is Andy, he's at most UK shows, here's a couple of other links,

    He's had a lot of bad press over the years, but myself, Postie or Fran (The Angry Lurker), have never had a problem with him. I think Postie has his number, I'll try and dig it out if you want?