Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Save the Emperor Batrep Part 2

Part 2 of Saaaaave the Emperor!!!

More Russian re-enforcements turn up, just behind the flank of the Emperor, these 
were the Marioupol Hussars, the Litovski Lancers, a light Horse Battery 
on the hill, then a little further up the flank two more units of Cossacks,
 the 2nd Kalmuck and the Ural Cossacks

 A photo down the road, its still in the balance at the moment, it just depends 
on who gets to go first the next turn??

 The 2nd Squadron of the Chasseurs a Chaval, move off the road and head for the mass 
of Cossacks, hoping to stop them in their tracks. The main problem with 
the Cossacks was i couldn't charge any formed unit frontally, in the flank,  in the
 rear was fine, but moving first made it quite difficult.

 A close up of the Ural and 2nd Kalmuck Cossacks

 Napoleon, hiding behind the curtains!!

 Another view of the two Cossack regts,  both being held by the Chasseurs a Chaval. 
In the background, the very brave 24th Leger move directly in front of the 
Litovski Lancers, buggering up my plan!! Git!!

 The 1st Polish Chasseurs a Chaval

 The 15th Polish Lancers

 As the Polish Lancers were in road column, I could charge with my
 Cossacks, Ian chose to counter charge. The melee surprisingly ended in a draw.

 Another charge this turn, the Russian Akhtyrka, who were supposed to charge
 the rear of the carriage, were fired at from Ian's artillery and disastrously fell back. 
This turn Ian charged them in column, which forced me to countercharge, 
which I really didn't want to do.

 Meanwhile back at the bridge the 2nd Black Sea Cossacks charge the 
17th Dis-mounted Dragoons in the rear, unbeknown to me, they were an Elite 
regt and as I was more than half a move away, the Dragoons were able 
to turn and face the Cossacks.

 A complete mess around the carriage, I think Nappie is wearing a nappie!!!

 Back to the bridge, a frustrating melee result for the Russians. they should have
 ridden down the skirmishing Dragoons, but a draw ensued.

 The 1st Polish Chasseurs

 The Divisional commander of the Polish Cavalry attaches himself for a do or die charge.

 Nearly the end, its looking like the Russians won't get there.

 The 1st Black Sea Cossacks with attached Brigade leader, going hell 
for leather towards the carriage.

But it was all too late next turn Ian won the move roll again, but for the first 
time decided to move first, he didn't quite make it off the table but the 
Russians would never catch him now. 

So Napoleon lives to fight another day!

And that was the end of the game, I was disappointed in not changing history but it was 
a damn good game we both  thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, especially Ian!!!

Hope you enjoyed the read



  1. Looks like alot of fun, thanks for all the pictures and the battle report!

  2. I did enjoy it. Thanks for posting all the great pics.

  3. Excellent batrep! It looks like it was a near thing right up to the end.

  4. "Napoleon, hiding behind the curtains!!" Deny, deny, deny! Nice batrep. I enjoyed it all.

  5. Excelent game, with a lot of fun, and one very different for the "normal" game. Great.


  6. Great looking game! Interesting scenario as well. Keep up the good work, Ray!
    (John from Ontario)

  7. Wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing! And I gotta say, you are a very brave man...I don't think I could eat some 'possum!

  8. Great game Report Ray nice pics of a great table

  9. Excellent pair of Battle reports for what looked like a really enjoyable game.

  10. Thanks for sharing Ray! Looking forward to the next "Nappie" battle!


  11. And with well painted miniatures as well!!

    Well done to all!

  12. Excellent bat rep,Ray!

    The dice gods weren't with you that day. Ensure you make the appropriate sacrifices next time!

  13. Great bat rep Ray. Many thanks for sharing.

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  15. Very cool looking game and figures.
    Good fun, sometimes you wish you had a few grenades or a panzerfaust!

  16. Nice set up Ray, sounds like a good game was had !

  17. Nice game and report Ray.Love your photos.

  18. Vive l'empereur!

    Don't you see? It was a clever plan to attract many Russian troops, and then destroy them one after the other. it was a remake of Rivoli, but with himself as bait... Ok, he was lucky

  19. Looks like fun!, What other rules sets do you use or have tried and like?


  20. @Razor - For Napoleonics, we use Posties own version of General de Brigade, we used to play GdB, but they were a bit heavy going, so he re-wrote lots of stuff and simplified them, they seem to work quite well.....for us!!!!

  21. Great post, Ray. Nice photos, too.

  22. that definitely looks exciting! :D

  23. Very dramatically told too. Of course the real Napoleon would have jumped out to help man the horse guns, and give them a further plus. Nobody calls him "Nappie," twice.

  24. Ray: Hey, I bought imported malt vinegar for my potatoes/fries/chips. It was surprisingly refreshing. Didn't get to try it on fish yet. But I only have crappy fish in the freezer and it will be hard for me not to put honey on that.

    Still, did like the malt vinegar. Used it in homemade barbeque sauce. And now I'm on the hunt for what else I can use it with.

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