Sunday, 5 December 2010

English Flodden Flags

 Four more flags for the Battle of Flodden, the first two are both my versions of pictures from Hobilar No 53. The first flag is for Lord Molyneux, who fought in Stanleys battle on the left flank of the main battle commanded by Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey.
The second flag is for Maurice Berkley the captain of the Mary George, he commanded 200 marines from his ship. he was placed in the right side of the vanguard commanded by Edmund Howard.
The third flag is my version, so may not be 100% accurate of the flag of The Bishop of Ely, James Stanley. His men were commanded by his son John at the battle. They were on the right side of the main battle commanded by Lord Dacre.
The last flag is the flag of the city of York militia who were in the centre of the main battle commanded by the Earl of Surrey. Once again this flag is not 100% accurate and is my version from a description in the Battle of Flodden Osprey book No 168 and the modern York coat of arms. If anyone knows of any mistakes made please let me know, comments always welcome good or bad!!


  1. What's the connection between the Isle of Man and Ely!?

  2. The Stanley family were Lords of the Isle of Man from 1405 to 1736: and

    Nice flags! :-)



  3. Those three legged things look like the stompers from "It's Grinch Night" when the Grinch throws that poor who into the death cart.

  4. Thanks for following! Interesting blog!!