Monday, 20 December 2010

Recently painted No2 - Napoleonic Dutch 3rd Carabiniers 1815

Another recently painted unit, once again its from the Battle of Waterloo. The figures are 15mm Essex miniatures and are based up for Posties, General de Brigade varient.

The Dutch mounted Carabiniers date back to 2nd (Heavy) Cavalry regiment raised in the 1680s, however they briefly ceased to exist during the period of the Batavian Republic. The Allied order of battle at the Battle of Waterloo included the Netherlands Cavalry Division commanded by Lieutenant-General Jean Alphonse Baron de Collaert which in turn included a brigade of three Carabinier regiments newly raised from the cuirassiers of the Dutch contribution to the Napoleonic La Grande Armee

At Waterloo, the 3rd Carabiniers were in the 1st Heavy Cavalry Brigade which was commanded  by General-Major A.D Trip.
The Brigade consisted of
1st Carabiniers (Regiment karabiniers No. 1) Commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel L. P. Coenegracht
2nd Carabiniers (Regiment karabiniers No. 2) Commanded by Colonel J. B. de Bruijn
3rd Carabiniers (Regiment karabiniers No. 3) Commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel C. M. Lechleitner


  1. They're metal, here's a link to their site,

  2. Puts mine to bloody shame. Now I've got to e-mail Santa Claus to not get me a camera after all, before anybody sees how I do my 2mm (during the game).

  3. Very nice. Now stop painting for the Postie the Xmas rush is over so he's got some spare time, and get more NYW done ;-)

  4. That's gonna be my Xmas wish Wayne, I am actually painting up 2 Horse regt's at the moment for my English NYW army, but after them its more of Posties Napoleonics I'm afraid. I need to dosh!! :0( :0( :0(

  5. Thank you for the link. Your paint-job looks better than the ones in the catalog.