Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Scots Highlander flags at Flodden

More Flodden Flags

The first flag is that of William Sinclair, the 2nd Earl of Caithness, who led the levies from Sutherland and the Orkneys during the Battle of Flodden. The Earl was killed during the fierce fighting.
The second flag is for the clan Grant, who's men were led by MacLean of Ardnamurchan. Hector MacLean of Ardnamurchan was the 9th chief of  clan MacLean and was killed during the battle.
The third flag is that of the MacLeans of Duart.
All these flags may have been carried on the right flank of the Scots army under the Earl of Argyle and the Earl of Lennox.


  1. Well, that's a relief, as I have committed to three weeks on my library book the Peter Reese Flodden of 2003. Not sure I'll get all through, but I've already absorbed some of what it was about, inspired by this blog.