Thursday, 2 December 2010

Scots flags for the Battle of Flodden 2

Three flags for you in this post, the first belonged to, John Lindsay, the 6th Earl of Crawford, he was the son of  David Lindsay the 1st Duke of Montrose. He was in joint command of the centre left at the Battle of Flodden 1513, and fell during the battle.

The second flag is for William Hay the 4th Earl of Errol. who also fell during the battle, he was among with the Earl of Crawford and the Duke of Montrose in joint command of the left centre during the battle.

The last flag in this post belonged to Matthew Stuart, the 2nd Earl of Lennox, he was along with the Earl of Argyle in joint command of the Scottish right during the battle. Their command contained mainly highlanders led by their own clan chiefs. Lennox was killed during the battle.


  1. Can you get a widget to play a midi rendition of "Flower of Scotland"?

  2. I've not made any yet, if you give me a description I'll try and do one for you.