Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Recently Painted No 5 French 9th Cuirassiers

Another recently painted unit, This time we have the French 9th Cuirassiers. Once again the figures are 15mm Essex Miniatures, based up for GdB. I'm having a little trouble taking pictures recently, so apologies as they're not the best photos I've taken.

The Napoleonic era Cuirassiers evolved from the Cavalerie de Bataille in Republican France. This cavalry in turn evolved from the royal cavalry with the reorganization of the army in 1791. In 1792 the cavalerie regiments were reduced to 25, and in 1793 a fourth squadron was added to each regiment. These were the cavalerie regiments inherited by Napoleon as First Consul in 1799.

The 9th fought in many battles during the Napoleonic era including, Austerlitz in 1805, Jenna in 1806, Eylau in 1807, Wagram in 1809 and Waterloo in 1815.


  1. The pics are great. If you click to blow it up to the expanded size, it looks like these guys are pounding right down on top of you. Either form square or at least grab a pitchfork--don't try to run.

  2. A very animated unit, agree with mekelnborg.


  3. Perfect. That unit's got it all.

    Hey, the Captcha's "Evedium" - wasn't that a figure seller in Surrey?