Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Recently Painted No3 British/Swiss Roll-Dillon's Regt

Two Swiss units that were in French service before the French Revolution were also taken into British service during the Peninsula Wars. The Regiment de Roll was originally created from the disbanded Swiss Guards in the pay of France. Dillon's regiment was also formed from Swiss émigrés from French service. These two regiments were merged into a single provisional battalion, termed the Roll-Dillon battalion, the regiment was made up of 3 companies of regt de Roll and 5 companies of regt Dillon, hence very unusually the figures in the unit have both light blue and yellow facings.  
I’m not sure of the make of figures and once again they are based up to Posties version of GdB rules.


  1. You have the patience of a saint and the eyes of an eagle.

  2. Nicely done unit. Might I suggest that you color the edges of your flags so the white line doesn't detract from your fine paint job?


  3. And I quote"
    Over the past 6 months I’ve painted quite a few figures; unfortunately most of them don't belong to me. They belong to my megalomaniac mate Postie, who has a figure collection to die for. I've taken a few photos of some of the units I've painted and will be posting them from time to time.

    Stick to your promises from time to time and not every day, good grief its worse than the flags.Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  4. Hi. Thanks for coming by my blog and joining. I thought I'd come check you out. Nice to meet you. I'm now a new reader to your blog, as well. Very cool pictures.