Thursday, 30 December 2010

Recently Painted No 6 NYW Dutch Garde te Paard

At last some units of my own figures, I painted these up last month, but have only just finished the basing. The figures are once again Essex Miniatures, based up for Beneath the Lilly Banners rules.
The units in question are 2 squadrons of the Dutch Garde te Paard, otherwise known as Portland's Horse. They were commanded by Hans Willem Bentinck, who in April 1689 he was created Baron Cirencester, Viscount Woodstock, and the Earl of Portland, for which he is better known.
The Garde consisted of nine companies rather than the normal six as in other line cavalry regiments. They had a normal strength of 630 officers and men, however this number seems to have been maintained on campaign, giving them numbers equal to two line regiments. The Garde fought at the Battle of the Boyne and the Battle of Steenkirke.
They were in the pay of the British from 1688 until 1697 when they returned to the Dutch army..
The two squadrons flags in the photos can be found on my blog, just follow the link below.


  1. Top quality once again, you have been busy.

  2. hehe they look great. do u also sell these?

  3. So "te paard" means "mounted".

    P.S. any chance of killing Captcha in the new year?

  4. Whoa, great stuff! =]

    Nice blog as well!

  5. Thanks guys, @ Guidowg - It's been nice painting my own stuff for a change, instead of all Posties Napoleonics.
    @ Smile - I do sell from time to time, these figures are for my collection, but I do paint for other people as well, if your interested email me.
    @ Sucio - paard means horse in dutch, so I guess that makes them the horse guards??
    @ Doo - Ta very much!!!