Wednesday, 1 February 2023

AHPC13 - Historical Drama - 25mm Hornblower


Its back to the Challenge Studio map for this post, I'm off to Historical Drama, which is my last room for a Green Security Pass.

Historical Drama: The whole of history at your fingertips and painting brush-points. Which historical drama will you choose to paint in miniature?

Horatio Hornblower is a fictional officer in the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, the protagonist of a series of novels and stories by C. S Forester.

Forester's series about Hornblower tales began with the novel The Happy Return, published in 1937. Here Hornblower is a captain on a secret mission to Central America in 1808. Later stories fill out his earlier years, starting with his unpromising beginning as a seasick midshipman. As the Napoleonic Wars progress he steadily gains promotion as a result of his skill and daring, despite his initial poverty and lack of influential friends. After surviving many adventures in a wide variety of locales he rises to become Admiral of the Fleet.

I've never read any of Forester's books but loved the ITV series Hornblower from 1998-2003.

My Hornblower figure, will be used as the leader of a small British Navel force for my Haitian Revolution project. The figure is from Britannia Miniatures available from Andy at Grubby Tanks.

Horatio will earn me 5 points
Bonus 20 points
Total 25 points!


  1. Well done. I'll have to check out the series.

  2. Wonderful figure! I'd recommend you read the books. Such engaging fiction. Each one is a delightful read!

  3. Read the books many years ago and enjoyed them. Nice work on a very characterful figure, I like Britannia Miniatures, they are not for everyone but I think they have a real charm about them and he is a wee beauty!!

  4. Lovely work Ray, and I am another fan of Britannia Miniatures and have a heap of Dave's 20mm WWII stuff which I purchased before he suddenly passed away.

  5. Gregory Peck will forever be Hornblower for me. I think this lovely mini does him justice for sure mate.

  6. Very nice Ray. There are some Hornblower audio books on youtube. You could listen while you paint.

  7. Good work Ray - I think I may have read one or two Hornblower books as a teenager but not since - the TV series was pretty good though!

    1. It was a great show, Sharpe with water.

    2. Mark (1866 and All That) built a number of gun positions with an idea to playing games loosely based on some ideas of naval landings in the Med featured in the Hornblower books, and (as you may recall) I even built a 28mm scale Frigate to support said landings
      needless to say, I think we have played a game twice, and I was only present for one of them!

  8. I'm prett sure we'll see Hornblower in Haiti - goof igure.