Monday, 7 March 2011

Flodden Scots Flags - Earl of Erroll and MacLean of Ardnamurchan

Once again, yes again Francis!!, another two Scottish flags for the Battle of Flodden.

The first flag belongs to William Hay 4th Earl of Erroll, who succeeded his father to the Earldom  in 1506. He commanded the left centre of the battle line along with the Earls of Crawford and Montrose. The Earl fell while fighting heroically by the side of the King.

                  "No thought was there of dastard flight, Linked in the serried phalanx tight.’

The second flag is for MacLean of Ardnamurchan, who led the McDonalds on the right of the battle line. Hector MacLean of Ardnamurchan was the 9th chief of clan MacLean and was killed during the battle.


  1. More flags! I think you have the makings of a business here...

  2. Cool. Wonder how they invented that stuff

  3. think I'd follow the second one...

  4. Ray, I think you reposted the William Hay flag from your December 2 post. Also, the MacLean of Ardnamurchan flag, has a second flag or was the flag posted on December 22 just for clan Grant? There is also a MacLeans of Duart flag that you posted. Seems like MacLean had a bunch of flags.

  5. Ooops! Eric I award you 10 Ray points, as you spotted the deliberate mistake in me posting the same flag twice!! Sorry about that, normal service will resume shortly!
    As for the MacLean flag, the flag in this post is for just MacLean of Ardnamurchan. As you stated the previous flag is that of the Clan Grant, I will be placing both flags on one base. While the MacLeans of Duart are a separate entity.
    Thanks for the comment Eric, thanks for following, even if it is the old fashioned way!! LOL!

  6. Thanks Ray for the info on MacLean. I'll probably end up using all three flags, one per unit.
    Talking about being old fashioned...I don't even own a mobile/cell phone.

  7. I only bought mine to use as an alarm clock at work, its the cheapest of the cheap, I spend around £10 every two months and that's only due to answering the kids, cos it doesn't cost them anything texting me!!! Damn technology!!!