Friday, 19 March 2021

AHPC - The Chamber of Challenge - The SnowLord's Treasurary - Smugglers


I'm getting close to the Level 4 and The Alter of the SnowLord. just wondering if I'll get there in time, to paint up whatever the Evil mind of Curt comes up with???

The Snow Lord’s Treasury: Your challenge in this Chamber is to paint a figure, unit or vignette featuring treasure of any kind. Go crazy with figures carrying gold, jewels, silver bullion, priceless artefacts, Elven-rings or strong-boxes with bundles of Confederate dollars!

I wasn't actually planning on painting anything up for this round, but routing through my upteen boxes of unloved figures I found the half a pack of Foundry figures.

The pack is their Civilian Smugglers from their 18th Century Civilian range.

Any loot the Smugglers managed to bring into any village or town could be described as treasure?
It certainly made them money anyway.

There was a little bit of conversion work, I chopped a tricorn and head off and replaced it with my preferred floppy hat for the chap holding the lantern. The head came from another Foundry figure, so anatomically it fitted perfectly.

Points mean prizes and these naughty boys with their loot should earn me...

5 points each for the figures
2 points each for the Treasure bases and another 20 for the Bonus
Making a grand total of 36.